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Last Activity:
Mar 6, 2018
Jun 25, 2006
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Apr 29, 1988 (Age: 30)
Sierra Vista AZ
Gamestop Manager

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Smash Champion, 30, from Sierra Vista AZ

V3ctorMan was last seen:
Mar 6, 2018
    1. FennerGuy1992
      you got Smash Wii U? If so, add me k
      NNID: FennerGuy1992
      I'm one of the best Yoshi players in the NC ;)
    2. AquaTech
      Hey man I love watching you play, you still active with Yoshi's?
      1. V3ctorMan likes this.
      2. V3ctorMan
        I'm not as active as fellow Yoshi aMSa, because I'm sadly the only player in my city. With aMSa now taking a break, I suppose I have to come back and play/practice again huh? :)
        Jul 25, 2014
      3. AquaTech
        For sure, 20-Eggs-Eggs is happening!
        Jul 25, 2014
    3. nLiM8d
      "will you be my friend?"

      The yoshi stream you posted had me thoroughly entertained. Sides were split that left me in an overall good mood. I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.
      1. V3ctorMan likes this.
      2. V3ctorMan
        sure thing, Sorry that I didn't see this till now <3
        Jul 25, 2014
    4. Dashyoshi
      The video of me playing as yoshi almost ready I'm now waiting for my friend to put it on YouTube ^^ get ready to watch the battles dashyoshi (yoshi) vs. tigger (fox) best of seven =D
    5. KanyeRest
      your yoshi is so sick! also you look like my dad, lol
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    6. Ripple
      no problem man. but I'm done with roy forever. I've had so much more success with DK.

      yesterday I beat teczero's sheik in tournament. I really doubt I could do that with roy no matter how good I got
    7. Ripple
      I've picked up yoshi now. he's pretty fun.
    8. Ripple
      sweet! do you have a hacked wii? it's not necessary but it could help
    9. Ripple
      want to be a part of something awesome and help me make a short smash video?
    10. Bl@ckChris
      yo, i respect what you posted in the top 4 thread. it's a shame people don't give you the respect you deserve, and the fact that financial struggle doesn't allow you to prove others your real worth is really unfortunate. keep doing what you're doing though, and i can certainly say that in the future, i hope to be in a financial place to help guys like yourself make it to things like CW4.
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    11. crismas
      Helloooooooooooooooooo I have your Yoshi plushie btw. Everyone's saying it's yours (it has the name "Tim" stitched on it). :)
    12. Blistering Speed
      Blistering Speed
      Thanks for the offer bud, but I think I'm pretty well researched on Parrying now. When I first heard about it a couple weeks ago I had zero idea of the mechanics of it.


    13. Metal Reeper
      Metal Reeper
      Nah I don't wanna play Leffen. I wanna play you. I believe in you Vman! I saw from that stream you aren't rusty and are still business.
    14. Metal Reeper
      Metal Reeper
      You need to so I can get ***** by your Yoshi and meet ya. Leffens one post got me believing that Yoshi has potential....weird lol.
    15. Metal Reeper
      Metal Reeper
      Vman! goin Apex? PLEEEASE
    16. AXE 09
      AXE 09
      ...Your Yoshi's aight ;)
    17. Dobs1007
      I want Roy dittos at APEX :)
    18. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      I'm thinking of picking up another character for the Falco/Sheik match-ups. Candidates are ICs, Yoshi, and Doctor Mario.
    19. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      how good is yoshi vs. falco?
    20. ShroudedOne
      Well (and I'm not just saying this), Yoshi is an AWESOME character. I think I've decided to learn him (at least the basics), cause he's so eccentric.

      So yes, association by Yoshi makes one cool. :)
    21. ShroudedOne
      I'm not sure I understand...?
    22. ShroudedOne
      You are a cool guy. Just saying.
    23. idea
      lol, it's fine. good timing actually, something to do while listening to music.
    24. Teczer0
      Happy Birthday man :)
    25. ETWIST51294
      happy birfday to you
    26. rhan
      Appy BirfdayyyY!
    27. unknown522
      haha, I was looking at the PR while telling Raynex and C 3 about the order.

      How come it says you're inactive?
    28. Nicknyte
      Gimme yo numbah, and i'll call.
    29. j00t
      Are you still making combo videos? I've started recording for a Game and Watch combo video, and was wondering if you'd be interested.
    30. Ripple
      its IMPOSSIBLE to retire from melee completely. but you'll be in our hearts forever should you take an "extended break" from smash

      - ripple
    31. Nicknyte
      Man, can I call it or what? So predictable. lol
    32. Nicknyte
      Yea. Want wings?
    33. Nicknyte
      I love you Tim. Lawl.
    34. DuskMarthWater
      Oh don't worry about that. If they said they've got you: they've got you. :) I couldn't fit you into the title. Character space limit, lol. Sorry. :/

      JK. I fit you in there. :P Haha.
    35. DuskMarthWater
      Haha, no problem. :) I told you Albuquerque is full of friendly peoples! I am assuming the Twins got you for housing, yes?
    36. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      I believe any style in Melee can succeed if pushed far enough so I still stand by the belief that you guys could do better/be successful with Falco if you actually mained him lol. Our differing styles is an irrelevant issue to me.
      Also personality is a massive influence on style, so I guess that makes you guys cooler than me. =p

      HAHA aight I'm cool with that last line. I'm sorry for the mistake once again man, just a heat of the moment thing. <3
    37. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      My bad man! I really did just have an emo moment like what Hbox probably has a lot when I see someone hate on my style or lack thereof lol because Mango does it so much and I think everyone does it at times lol.

      Please excuse me if I'm dumb enough to make such a mistake again I assure you it's more in self-discomfort than it is condemning of anyone else.
    38. YOSHIDO
      Yoo thanks for the birthday wish. I had midterm exams everyday right after my birthday. But then after that i had spring break aka sleep, chill, study .
    39. Strong Bad
    40. Hax
      wow nice, is it good?

      lets talk on aim!! "zerohax"
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    Apr 29, 1988 (Age: 30)
    Sierra Vista AZ
    Gamestop Manager
    Wii Number:
    7628 3935 6765 3564

    hardcore gaming, sports,


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