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  • Yo Nick! Could you do me a huge favor bro? I see you're hosting a tournament next month that is expected to be pretty big. It's a tournament we really need to have in the SSBPD. From one TO to another, please get that .tio file uploaded. Arizona has some great players so let's make sure they're properly represented with recent tournaments in the DB. I would really appreciate it. Uploading takes like 2 seconds. If you have any questions lemme know.

    Zivilyn Bane
    Generally not, though can't say specifically about your image as it seems Gelbooru doens't let you hotlink ;)
    Please change your avatar.

    For the record, if we keep having to ask you to change it from inappropriate content, we can decide to remove your custom avatar privileges.
    NICK. IT WAS SUPER FRIGGIN' NICE TO MEET YA. BUT I DIDN'T GET THE CHANCE TO PICHU CHALLENGE YOU RRRGH. That's gonna be one of the things on my bucket list haha. By the beard on Robin Williams's chin, I WILL fight your Pichu someday! :D

    Did anyone...*gulp*...LOSE the challenge, by the way? How many people ended up fightin' ya? :o
    hey nicknyte,
    i'm aaron. you probably don't recognize my name, but i lurk the luigi boards, so i've seen you around.
    me and my friends are taking the amtrak up to the tournament, but the reserving our rooms screwed up, so we may not have a room for the first night.
    if we can't get this straightened out at the hotel, would you be willing to ask the other AZ players if they'd take us in for that first night?

    there's 5 of us, but we're ok with getting split up/whatever.
    I know that i'm asking a lot and that its super late, but i didn't find out till a couple hours ago.

    Sorry to put you on the spot.
    We'll probably end up meeting up somewhere in the venue. FL gets pretty serious about practicing at Nationals. ^^,
    That's an expensive mic... Wow...
    It'd just be neat to talk to somebody else who likes the same thing. I tell most people I wanted to be a voice-actor and they look at me funny.
    Yo, we should talk at Genesis about voice-acting.
    I was going to pursue that as my career, but my father started a business and I went along with it.
    We can do voices at each other~
    Yeah we should play, i want to play everyone XD. Last Genesis i couldn't play Dashizwhiz :[
    Regarding your question,you need to be very patient, its hard to try but dont get frustraded. You will need to make the most of the combo opportunnites or during the combo itself. So, has already you may now, the important thing to do is landing combo starters (d-smash, a grab, an aerial, tornado, taunt, etc) and to edgeguard effectively (with f-tilt, aerial, d-tilt, etc).

    To get around a falco that spams alot of lasers I try to stay very close to them, using a lot of wavelanding in the platform, wavedash out of the shield, using wavedash with f-tilt, rolling and powershield (practice the full lenght of the wavedash and your tech skill in general).

    Try to get the lead and maybe he will spam less, practice chaingrabbing and react to your opponent's DI.
    In the video below, you can watch some of the stuff i say, especially the last match:

    I hope this information helps you, try to also watch Ka Master vs Blunted Object.
    Haha, gotta make 'em EARN that burger! Legit. XD

    Never underestimate ANYONE, that's my philosophy. You seem to be pretty confident in your Pichu. If I do get that burger, it's gonna be earned over a good fight. :)
    Gettin' that Pichu of yers ready? Gotta admit, the Burger Challenge is a pretty brave thing to do! Although I can see your motives behind it. It's a great opportunity to chill with old friends, and new ones to boot! All I can say is I look forward to meetin' ya. Can't wait! :)
    heck yeah man.. I gotta get some sodas tonite too...

    oh boy what have you done? I think joey's responding.....

    Besides, I think the problem starts from childhood with teachers and parents indoctrinating kids about bigotry and racism being SRS BZNS.

    I was like 9 and saying "wtf is a racism?" and all these stupid adults are like "hurrdurr can't say this to a black man" and I'm all confused like wtf is this I dun get you

    Like I dunno it's almost like making a big deal out of it encourages you to become prejudiced, I was a total homophobe prepube. :3

    Well actually...

    nvm >.>
    Yeah so u know my tourny will be up in the 23rd of April. Lol, I dunno if u'd be able to make it, but just lettin u know just in case. : D burger challenge
    Oh lol. AZ uh? good **** man. Well, I'm intending on hosting it late March, Early April lol. So I'll just let you know as soon as I get a date for the venue. It's be free venue fee. : D Lotsa ppl.
    Yo. Good Pichu. I'll do that challenge next time. You live in NY? You should come to philly for my next MAD tournament, and do that challenge there. : D
    Should i change my name to "Ms. Dr. Lady Artemis"? =p But yeah nice meeting you. o=
    Cool, i'm moving to Phoenix in July or August. What's the scene like there?
    Hey you're from Arizona? =o Do you go to Melee tournaments there much?
    hey nick.

    i moved to canada a couple of months back. I just realised our connection is pretty good. Better than it was in Qatar. :p

    Message me if you wanna brawl some time.
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