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  • Sink! Can you add one line to your post in the din's fire thread? just edit and put like one line saying something of relevance =D
    Dang, I was hoping you had shots of each of her attacks. : (

    Some funny pictures there though.
    Hey sinking, quick question. How many pictures of sheik do you have? In brawl that is. I'm trying to do something and I was wondering if you might be able to help me out.
    Sink! Problem is I can't get online today, I have a christening... we'll have to practise tomorrow for sure! And yeah I think it's your spazzy hands that lend you well to doing weird things with nayru's.
    Sinking.... you know the japanese have discovered that whole momentum cancelling thing with nayru's... we'll I've played you enough times to know you've taken that one level further and I don't think you've realised it yet lol! - you know those incredibly weird angles you always love jump at? Well, they kill your momentum entirely because you're reversing the nayru's and you're love jumping at the same time. If you apply both of those traits in knockback, you kill your momentum entirely.

    We need to learn how to harness this momentum killing and we'll have something a lot better than GW's bucket. The japanese have found the b reversal bit... but we'll just need to wait and see if they can get the nayru's jump out of it as well somehow. I had a video of you doing it on Frigate... :( I can't find it now :mad:
    oh no he didnt >.<
    GGs... you striked fear into foxxy cleopatra, but she's out to giiittt yu next time baaaaabyyy. Also... I think I may officially despise ZSS (and Sheik =p blasted quickies) :mad:

    Erm... why is no one EVER on the chat now?
    SL is only trying to help... um even if he isn't persay... it's a lot more than most of the sheik community, myself included is doing right now.
    I'll agree SL needs to start focusing on stepping his own game instead of making his name know. A lot of the time that seems like the case.
    I agree; it is really aggravating. Even Ankoku is calling him out on it.

    Maybe, he'll pick another main, and troll their boards instead. But I can't really see it. I guess we'll just learn to deal. I'll become a Zelda main. :p
    Oh crap, I missed your message
    You better still be here cause I'm ready lol

    EDIT: Missed you again....
    Why is this so difficult lmao
    Hi I'm here now
    But maybe we should play tomorrow, I still want to eat and stuff xD

    Good news, I found the Zelda Chat haha
    But I'm not sure if you're there....

    Bad news, they didn't let me in haha
    Not sure if everyone was afk or not =/

    Anyways, we WILL brawl, so talk to you tomorrow or something lol
    I'll get online once you reply lol
    I'm not sure if you left or not....

    EDIT: Yeah you left xD
    Just missed you too

    Oh well we'll play another day :)
    any chance you were gonna try and contact me for the online shiek thing ....

    i can do midmight EST fairly easy
    I didn't write a big ole post on a guide. All I done was make a video showing what the techs look like. The first thing in the content box is a link to your guide since you are supperior in knowledge of Sheik and you have more information on each tech. I just have one question. "Why didn't you make a video a long time ago?" You could have out done me. -_-

    The only other thing that I have made in contribution to Sheik is the second look at her meta game. In which I think everyone mistook what I was getting at due to my listings of things that people already knew. However, I was trying to list what was known trying to show how many options that we have but don't take advantage of. Tristin even supports my idea with this post.

    Sheik does have great tool but we can't decide how to use them or how much.

    A good example would be how much someone uses Zelda. Zelda is a tool sheik users use to gain kills but as of yet we have yet to decide what is necessary the best way to use Zelda. We all have are own ideas about how and when to use Zelda and because of this it help make each sheik style more unique.

    As far as I am concerened. The only thing that I am going to be doing that is major in the community is making the video. As of right now I don't have enough knowledge to help.

    Hope I was able to get my motives straight. -.-

    ps My e-mail is saviorslegacy@yahoo.com
    E-mail me some of your more epic replays. If you can't then we could resort to trading codes and sending them to me that way, or Brawling and record you PWNing me. -.-
    haha, taking advise from someone else when developing a new style is not wise. Only you can decide what is good and what is not and only your thought matter when you play.
    Well to be honest right I'm also changing my sheik style and patterns.

    I'm a lot worst then what I was when you last played me.
    Check the community centre! And tell me what you think of my last post. And be honest!
    I'd love to but I've moved home for Easter hols and my wii is at my other house!

    I'm going to get someone to drop my wii off so I can play. We definitely have to get some more games going!

    EDIT:: **** I'm red as well, go go mod powerzzz! (I'll be a nice mod though >.>)
    Haha, anytime you want to play, let me know. Those were fun, and you have a great Zelda!

    And yeah, Usmash is too good. I think I stole the idea watching a Darkmusician match against Snake. Learn crazy stuff watching DM vids. XD
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