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  • ahh, it's more like, my grandpa lives in PV

    i'm gonna stay in santa cruz over the summer though, so i'll be heading to g2 from norcal

    that sounds like a cool plan though on the road trip :)
    Yup. It can even hit people's hands while they're hanging on the edge if you time it right which is considerably lower than Kirby's duck.
    ah alright. yeah just hit me up and we can definitely arrange something, either me going to torrance or you coming here :)
    hey man, i just saw a post that said you lived in torrance. anyways i'm in rancho palos verdes for the summer, so if you wanted to play sometime i'd be down! especially if you have a car haha, transportation kinda sucks for me.

    i'm pretty good too, so i could show you a lot of stuff if you wanted :)
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