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Recent content by Nicknyte

  1. Nicknyte

    SOVA, ITS 2010! Step ya Melee game up baby! <3

    Yall got a discord?
  2. Nicknyte

    xinikas Brigade has moved to Discord

    I will try to play :D
  3. Nicknyte

    Charleston WV Tier List

    If I see you again Fran, I am putting the rest of Less Virginia to shame. You are the last one on my list. I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE. I HAVE A 12.5% CHANCE OF REVENGE OCCURING.
  4. Nicknyte

    [Jul 26, 2014] Saturday Scuffles (Project M/Melee edition) (Morgantown, WV)

    I will be coming out for this, given someone gives me a ride from my hotel. lel
  5. Nicknyte

    The Official West Virginia Thread - Cilantro Smash 3 (July 19)

    I am stuck up in Fairmont hoping for people in the area to coalesce and create a smashfest :P I know I am here for at least during the beginning of the WV school year until my TDY ends.
  6. Nicknyte

    El Paso Thread

    I wonder Tay if you know how far El Paso is from BTR. XD That's my home crew. But yea, I was going to post regardless because it would be nice to give me an excuse to travel out there. I second NM's response for a revival of a smash community in El Paso.
  7. Nicknyte

    Southern Arizona Melee Community Thread

    Extra space for extra info.
  8. Nicknyte

    Southern Arizona Melee Community Thread

    Feel free to join the Arizona and Southern Arizona facebook groups for more info. The State's Melee Community Facebook Group (Much Bigger and More Active) Southern Arizona Melee Community Facebook Group (New) Since Tucson, and SV thread is dead as all hell, I am re-establishing this group...
  9. Nicknyte

    Official SV AZ Thread - Brawl Sux (We <3 Melee!) Updated (6/08/10) - We Miss You Joey

    Dead thread is pretty dead. If any smashers are in the Area, please contact me at (520)456-5378.
  10. Nicknyte

    OFFICIAL AZ Power Rankings & Social Thread (Updated: 11/27/13)

    Man, this place is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAD. :D
  11. Nicknyte

    The Louisiana Thread: Flarefox Forever - We are alive.

    Yea. And nubcakes will be attending. :D
  12. Nicknyte

    Event - Apex 2015 Transportation?

    I am wondering how will transportation be between EWR and Somerset, NJ. I have no idea how the area works in terms of transportation, and if I go, I don't wanna pay for a rental XD. I noticed the venue and the airport is around a 30 min drive.
  13. Nicknyte

    Event - Apex 2015 APEX WOOOOOOOO!!!! WHO ELSE IS HYPE?!?!?!!?!?!?

    I hope I can actually come to this. :D
  14. Nicknyte

    RESULTS: Let's Play at Grandpa Rave's! (03/16/13, Tempe, AZ)

    Of course I can. Current record is 1 Brawl tournament a year for the last 3 years. Put me on honorable mention, and I might consider retiring that old phrase. XD
  15. Nicknyte

    RESULTS: Let's Play at Grandpa Rave's! (03/16/13, Tempe, AZ)

    Make sure it says Nyte instead of Nite. That's a smasher from TN. I had a lotta fun BTW. Thanks Rave. Never underestimate the power of a Melee/Luigi Player. TROLLOLOLOLOL.
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