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  • Oh whoops. I saw a video of you vs lambchops and thought you were the Falco.

    I saw you post in the Pathways thread and I saw the video and I was like DIS FALCO. DIS FALCO. I dunno why I said FC though.

    I'ma fix it rightnao.
    Good **** at ZENITH.

    You're one of the only GANONS that isn't mindless PUNCH skill. I can tell you think when you play unlike most others.
    sent u a friend request so i dont forget to challenge u at apex. If u dont know i was mrowl talking to u on the stream earlier today
    well you can also isai drop upon landing, or edge cancel off of a platform just after you land on it. or waveland, which is always silly. but yeah you have to be quick in transitioning between the jump and the actual attack/commitment so you don't get abused from below(though Dair can help with that sometimes).

    absolutely man! aim/fb chat/swf/skype I guess lol/texting/whatever is cool with me =)
    ah I see. I'd keep helping with the ethan thing because a little Falco experience won't last forever. plus it still benefits you.

    haha yeah the FH stuff is sick on FD. platforms introduce some funny complications into the FH shenanigans so I suggest messing around with that as well. =p

    lol dude DA Dave knew what he was talkin about with that grab game. sucks for either one of them to get grabbed XD
    lmao it always seems nice and broken when you're the one in control. falco is a top tier character so naturally he will feel much more powerful than a mid tier on any level haha.

    if you're enjoying spacies a lot then I suggest continuing playing them until you get reinvigorated to play more Ganon. Having pocket spacies CPs is always nice and they teach you about what the characters' goals are as well.
    LMAO keep in mind matchups tend to suck more until you get to a pretty high level so just chalk that up to you ****** imo
    Good, i need to friendly you, I've watched your ganon so much but I've never played you for more than like 2 matches.
    pikachu's too good lol. i try to play the mid tier chars the most. tiers arent much of a big deal in 64 but chu and kirby are ridiculous.
    meh, i dont like falcon in that game. he's.. too good. his combos are usually boring too. basically uair uair uair uair to up b unless you're isai. i play dk, mario, and yoshi. ironically falcon is prob my best char regardless of how little i play him in 64.
    lol i never play on the wii unless i don't have my 64 with me (i.e. now). but at my crib in gboro i have a 64.
    word. i plan on playing melee and 64.

    ill be free pretty much whenever up until i start at uncg for the spring semester. then.. you already know.
    I'm conviced. Crush is a troller lol. everywhere I post, he post right after me. I bet he has like 10 tabs each with a different thread.
    What happened on the pp thread. Everyone chat too much? I was practicing melee last night, so i wasn't on the boards. Can you explain for me please?
    well either way i want a piece of that :ganon:
    indeed, it has been too long
    what's up. I think i'll be in wilmington in about a week. Probably be there tuesday evening then go talk to some peeps at uncw wednesday and drive home that night prob. So tuesday evening think you'll be around to smash?
    i aint worried bout your spacies. they still low tier man. im just waiting for something 2 click inside my brain 2 stick with the spacies b/c they that good and gay. but what ever. The Doc has potential. he just has no reach.
    yo man. what you doing this FRIDAY like all day. I want 2 train my *** off. (NO MORE SPACIE's unless i get tired of getting *****).

    But yeah, it's 100% OFFICIAL im gonna main DR. MARIO and just l-cancel and crap. u might got 2 bring that GANON out
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