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  • I don't think I'll enter anything beyond Brawl teams and Melee, so you'll get around 15 I think.

    I wish more people came to Duke....

    Oh I see. It's cool bro.
    Lol well with that nice 5% money in your pocket you could do it. =p

    Nah I kid, but yeah no problem dude.
    since you beat cam. I've decided that MMin you won't be free.

    2 $ mm at herb 3 =D
    Hey bro go to smiths friday or saturday morning whichever then ride with us to stingers.
    I've talked to Moo about this already.

    What do you think of riding with/driving Moo and Smith to Stongers' tournament? They would be in the same place and you'd have company(if you still wanted to go).
    cool cool. the TV in my room is laggy. Apparently wii's play at 480i and my tv tries to play it at 720i so it stretches. Gonna need to fix it soon = O
    Yo sorry I didn't respond to that PM quickly, I got sidetracked by AIM. =p

    I'll respond to it tomorrow night probably.
    I see improvement for sure.

    Never played his secondaries. He was all-Falco when I was at the fest.
    Cam: luigi
    Behr: fox and pikachu
    Moo: fox and doc
    fiz: sheik?
    dr peepee: ganon
    lozr: ganon
    ape: ganon
    stingers: ganon
    PLUR: mario?, sopo, game and watch?, ganon, falco?, falcon?, back scrubber, and cheesecake.
    Dark Hart: fox

    so far i think thats 17 MMs for that january duke biweekly. this is my only method of keeping up.
    yeah yo, this ish has been brought before but, yeah, NC is full of lazy good-for-nothings. even when it comes to smash, unfortunately, lol.

    let's be the ones who change that. :bee:

    (not just in regard to this crew battle, obv)
    trolling and hyping are virtually synonymous.

    it doesn't matter though. Shelby would wreck everyone. -_-;;
    hahahaha. yeah. good ****.

    ugh @ Falcon vs. Gdorf. Ganon can just resemble a big bean bag in that match-up. i feel like it's real important to find just the right spacing and jump timing to make him forget that you can f-air his ***. not an easy task.

    and lol. i only gave that advice cause i remembered mike doing it to me when my ******* tried to shield grab.

    my Jiggs ****ed his Peach up. but he beat my Falco in the one match i played him (i was only at his house for a little while and didn't want to waste time trying to get warmed up, so i played mostly Puff cause she's real real fun). he only picked up that ***** for that reason though... CGing and all that gay. ima **** him up next time :)
    yeah. idk. overall, the show should have been a lot longer. three seasons is not nearly enough for what they were setting up to accomplish.

    @TJ: LOL @ me not playing anymore. and Peach is REAL gay. practice making your FLs really quick. FL -> jab ***** *******es who try to shield grab.
    dshep is like my cam? I don't have a cam. He doesnt play me anymore. I had a jason until the other controller got ****ed up. Now we cant even play. I've been practicing DK, Peach and Mario. I feel like I should pick up a gay character, gayer than peach. But I would need the competition to do it.

    I really want my link back. My projectiles have suffered from underuse. . .meh. . . We'll see.
    learning experience for the both of us. You remember that I don't play like everyone.

    There will be something that I did that nobody else does. I'm not saying I'll win, but I'm willing to submit myself to a lose to make you better. Understand?
    idk, I could maybe pull out my falco for you. . . .
    Yeah, I have new techs for ganon as well. Learned how to drop zone. . fun stuff
    yeah lol not really though.

    i actually loved the first and second seasons. the show was legit funny/exciting up until then. the third season ****ING BLEW, imo.
    LOL. mindgames. (i'm a troll...)

    lol yeah duh it was american. i was just making fun of how it is based off of japanese methods of cartooning. of course they hocked a lot of it up to China in an effort not to seem like copycats. but we know where they really got their inspiration from dattebayo.
    I miss yo tall skinny ***, man.

    Gannon dittos. You know you want to.

    . . . You KNOW you want to.
    Come on.
    of course... that was never the issue.

    the issue was... why? but i understand dude.

    EDIT: lol and yo that's gay of you to go on my VM's and act like i haven't said A MILLION TIMES that i'm more than willing to respect that you're getting offended. quit thinking you have to pull a Jesse Jackson on me, i was accommodating from the start... we were just discussing ******, but apparently you can't do that without looking like a bad guy unless your black or defending blacks being defensive... -_-;;
    oh yeah... u got facebook... if soo add me...

    my name is David Mitchell (UNC-Pembroke)
    I get off at 2 tomorrow, so when I get off I'll hit you up. And my best friend Dama had the best Ganon in the state and was one of the top 3 players as well (he did beat Lozr & Ali) a couple of times. But then we both retired. So I can show you some combo's with him, If I can relearn them.
    but yeah, I main falco (my falco was one of the top 5 in the state when I played) but you know how things go when u stop playing games for a while... My fox is HMMM... decent... but I was actually thinking about maining him instead this time around... but I <3 FALCO Lombardi too much... and yeah man... im getting a new cell phone this weekend... so we I'll give you my number so whenever you want 2 meet up... and train, just give me a call (as long as im not working im down for whatever) i really want 2 get back into the smash scene, just need a partner (shoot, maybe we can be team partners @ one tourney)
    Hell No man... I dont play brawl... I play games that actually takes skills 2 play... what u doing right now... i just got off of work... if u want 2 meet up for some smash if you not doing anything hit me back on this...
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