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TJ Infinat
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  • i guess it makes sense...but i'm just letting you know, Dshep is my cam. he mains spacies, and before brawl he was ranked. on average i take him to his last stock, but he often 2 stocks me as well (cuz spacies can gay ganon too well). i guess im just saying all the playing i'm doing right now is against a dang good falco/fox, so the comparatively unfamiliar (ganon ditto) would probably help me more.

    also, if you want more mario vs battles or something let me know. i'm sorta trying to figure out a secondary, and i'm not sure if i'll pick a fox, marth, or sheik.
    how to drop zone...what? fair dair uair dair, or everything? i need to dzfair more, dzdair is just fancy, but if you miss, you've gotta time it well to avoid getting edgehogged. dzuair i use only against captain falcon when he tries to recover from under. i've never tried dzbair...i guess that would work like my uair works on CF, i just never tried it.

    and nair is just useless unless you're kage. and don't worry about pulling out your falco. unless its well practiced and polished, you don't wanna do that to yourself.
    but yeah...now that i know the matchup and what aerials beat what and what ground moves beat what...i don't really plan on losing another ganon ditto to you. they're not my favorite matchup by far (i'd rather face a spacie, and i need more sheik/marth experience), but knowing the matchup and having more and more ganon tech skill...yet again, i'm not the same ganon you saw a month ago.

    i still gotta get there tho :-/
    TJ i will never shy away from a ganon ditto with you. i would ganon ditto you right now if you wanted to and if i could. i still doubt that i can make it there and back. i'd play almost whatever matchup you wanted to, but if i can't get there...i still can't get there.
    nah yo. don't call it a **** move. i don't want to take away from you being confident. i want you to be confident. i want you to be overconfident. i just also like to be factual, but i took it too far. shoulda just let it go. i didn't realize you said that a month ago. -_-;;

    lol also, don't think i'm not working through psychological **** too. i'm not as new as you are to the smash community, but i'm pretty ****ing close. (when i met you i had only entered two tourneys in my life)
    TJ if you want more ganon ditto's, i invite them as often as you want. i can guaruntee that you will not go 2 out of 3 at any given time. if you think your ganon's better than mine please, bring it on.

    now that that's out of the way, i would probably suggest PMing karn. he seems to have a lot of controllers that are just...at his house. if you ask him, i'd be a little surprised if he just keeps them just to have them, especially knowing that you just lost your perfectly fine controller at the biweekly.

    i'd say just let them know up front. i thought cam had a cube too...just tell them to move the fun, if thats possible. if it'd solve things, i'll just get you a controller tomorrow and tell you its your christmas present. honestly, i just want you to get better.

    i'd rather have people that can beat me surround me than have 1 guy to play with every tuesday and thursday. controller problems or not, playing the guy i'm playing with is like going up against...mitchell or something. ok maybe not quite that bad but...yeah, it's kinda tough to train here.
    hmm well studies come first, putting melee over grades isn't the right order of things, so i guess just do what you can.

    The only reason i'm saying you should really go to duke is just that i think it may be fun. playing with cam and robert may not be fun, but i figure playing with moo and others that may be there will be. you just have to find fun within gettin beat sometimes. when dr. peepee owns me for matches on end, it's fun simply because...he's better than me. tough to explain but yeah...smash is always fun.

    only reason it was seeming one sided was cuz you were playin that big ol' monkey with the massive hitbox. once you switched to that little hitbox with the cape, we went about even. (though mostly due to that **** cape).

    and forget ganon, unless you really want to play with him. what i need to beat/play is your peach.
    1. i will pay whatever door fee there is for you, i just want us to be able to get friendlies without me having to walk to ehringhaus. if ashley doesn't come, i won't generally have reason to stay at UNC when i could get training from the best ganon in the state, potentially.

    2. we get worse, and we get better. sometimes i don't miss a ledgedash for a half hour straight, and then i miss all of them for 20 minutes. the trick is to try to get better more often than you get worse

    3. relax. i'd judge that going to the thing at duke tomorrow may lift spirits. being in the same room with moophobia always helps me.

    4. refer to 2.

    5. if this occurs, then why does 3 occur also? do you not want to beat me? i thought i'd provide slightly more motivation than that. guess being rivals for a year has ended? sucks for me, cause i can't really find anyone directly on my level like our ganon v. mario battles.

    6. couldn't hurt

    7. i'm getting as close as i can. i may be on campus at some point, but i'd prefer you come to me and just let you in the door discretely. **** like this is what UNCG gave me a scholarship for.
    It's a good mixup to Bair offstage sometimes, but the best thing any character can do vs Sheik is to grab the edge right before she up-Bs(or just roll/regular getup when she does). Sheik has terrible landing lag, so you can ledgehop/DJ aerial punish from the edge then.

    Sometimes you can DJ cape if sheik comes out of her up-B right over the edge/to the edge and she can't grab the edge then.

    It's also slightly dependent on where Sheik is and if she has a DJ. If she can DJ and is close, then you might as well try a Bair or something since she'll either DJ Uair you after your invincibility runs out then or just jump back onto the stage. Then you have to punish sheik for doing each of these so she is afraid to recover sensibly.

    How's that?
    hmm yeah i definitely don't play enough samus to super wave dash. even once i read the description i was like "huh...sounds useless". then i played l0zr in friendlies and he did it against me and i was like "wtf?!?" and got pwnd.

    cam's falco is good. its even better when he's actually trying to like think and stuff. if you get him to play jiggs for an extended amount of time, then switch him to falco, you might have a better chance at winning. but after about 3 rounds of me beating his falco, he decided to "think" and proceeded to beat me soundly.
    yeah, against spacie upB, i just use reverse up air. trying to figure out when the wizard foot actually takes priority over the burning animals is a pain, so the up air takes care of that problem.

    and yeah, thats what i mean. i don't really run that much anymore, if i have platforms i just waveland the first, and either double jump to waveland the top platform or fastfall to waveland the floor and then proceed across the stage as such. makes chasing people after an aerial a lot more fun.

    hmm a wavelanding mario eh? that could be interesting. oh and if you want mario tips, dr peepee mained mario before falco, i'm sure he'd be willing to help you, and his mario is serious.

    I will ganon vs *insert your character here* as much as you want. getting a mario ditto, however, may be a challenge for you. i don't want my mario potentially embarassed.

    We weren't as good as we could have been just...in general. our play got a little bit better just by knowing each other. it was basically a mental battle, and we didn't really push our tech skill up any the more we played. essentially, we should have ventured up and down floors more often. but now we're actually getting better.

    we'll make it happen. the power team of ganon-DK will happen.
    yeah, the video of mine is like me when my tech skill is (will be) on. it all depends on how well i'm thinking and effectively what stage i'm on (my waveland is auto timed for battlefields platforms right now, i'm still adjusting to every other height).

    i hope you still enjoy playing my ganon. i'm a lot faster than you're used to me being. i may have a surprise character up my sleeve hehe

    mario ditto what?
    ...you're saying the video is you unrefined? or is that you saying "once i refine once i've got, this is what i'll be". if its the former, well then i can't wait to face you in a week and see how you place in tournament. if its the latter, then i guess heres a video of what i hope to be able to do in a matter of time (like...a long time)


    so if you're not playing dk against me, then who, mario?
    cuz i don't have 4 mains yet like i said. there are other characters i may be able to fathom playing against you, but generally speaking, i think of melee in terms of ganon.
    yeah, i mean those are cams characters; his main, falco and his secondary he's trying to pick up, jiggs. his jiggs couldn't really beat my ganon, but his falco was really good. i mean we were both tired, so its tough to tell what happens when he's actually like...trying to win.

    i should be at both the biweekly at duke next week (ride the robertson) and the billfest on the 15th is melee (14th is brawl, and i'm not playing. i'll be there for friendlies probably, but i'm not tourneying brawl) so take a walk.

    so are you maining mario or peach? you're really going to want to pick one this week, and really get to know them. cuz hell, i'm learning frame data, chaingrabs, every stages waveland timing, everything there is to know about ganon. so you're gonna wanna get like that with someone before really getting at me again. or maybe not, who knows..
    honestly i have no idea. ganon is such a far front runner for me that i honestly don't know anyone else i could really fight with. ganons in a league of his own lol. but i guess if we did a set, ganon would be my must win, with...falcon, marth, and mario? i don't even know...
    arrows are slow.... too situational against fast *******s. but yeah boomerang... that **** is the reason.
    lolol, i mean you can keep up with all these characters. just work on having a very primary one. secondaries are legit though. and good ****, vids are baller. just don't copy like play styles, see how they get out of **** and punishment.
    lol, it depends on whose shoulder your talking about. really fast float cancels are the ****. doing fc bairs and nairs really low is crazy fun stuff, and if your quick and have good timing, really gay. obviously with fast characters, its good to get that **** out quick, cause they can react to seeing you jump. the only ones i imagine you'd be a little higher for are dair (especially) and fair. sitting high with dair and then falling with nair for example.

    watch some like Pink Shinobi or Armada or some ****, they'd be better teachers than me, since i don't know **** about Peach. watch how they react to certain situations.
    lol yeah dude sorry i jocked on you before you did anything. i should have made it more obvious that i wasn't completely serious.

    lol no one really cares though... i doubt any of them actually take me seriously.
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