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  • after watching OTG vs stricnyn3, i'd have to say that the character itself does have some potential. so i am willing to play against it. but it's got a ways to go, and i'm gonna be paying attention when we play today.
    not really doing too much on friday. just hit me up, and we should be able to play.

    you'll need your old school spacies lol. but you can play doc if you want. i need to start fast falling and l cancelling with fox.
    Yeah, man. I live near Greensboro too! You going to Sneak's big ol' Smashfest this Saturday? We need Doc dittos.
    teaming sounds good, i feel as if spacie of your choice + ganon would be a good team. i would definitely roll over now, but i'm bout to go bowlin pretty soon.

    if you've got any time during the day tomorrow, just give me a call 910-524-0397. i only got one class that ends at 11, so i'll have nothing better to do.

    i assume by that you mean 2d fighters like BlazBlue and SF4 or SF3. i wish i could play those; i haven't owned one since KOF '99 haha. i don't think i'd have any idea what to do.
    its so good to hear you're down for some training. i just can't seem to find anyone really worth playing against on campus, which makes trying to figure out how to apply ganon stuff a little hard. You main the space animals? if so, then training against you will be really fun; i need probably the most experience fighting sheik, and then spacies.

    so do you play a lot of brawl now, or did you just stop playing melee?
    Looks like omni is hosting a tournament here, so I'll probably go to that instead. Sorry, bro.
    yeah, once somebody gets mod powers they turn wack..

    you should come down to FL gaming or somethin man
    If I do get to go up to NY itll be next summer

    so youre back into brawl and shiz?
    yoooo wassup man! yeah i pretty much hate AiB now lol
    yayuhz is the ****, we've had so many online falcon dittos hahaha
    i'm moving back home.. next door to my mom and bro for a while

    Cape Hatteras
    yo i'm doin good man, just chillin.. moving back to the beach in 2 months. haven't talked to doug in like 2 weeks
    Where are you at today? heading back to Pembroke? Melee/chillin at my place around 7-8
    AllisBrawl is donw again man, the hell. And Ima have to reinstall my aim cuz it lets me post one message then it freeze up. I'm mad, I don't think they shoulda added that ladder to the site on AiB, I think it's taking up too much and it made the site unstable. Blargh!!!
    lol wow we get a wall now on here lol. But can't type anything extra tho.... oh well , at least they added this lol.
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