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  • Yeah its that black dude who plays roy and throws controllers on the ground when he loses(i'd rage too if i main'd roy). He plays online and i can beat him in offline mode i just lag so much due to stone age connection and stuff just we need you up in here to that cocky douche in his place yo.
    I need you to beat a certain arrogant MvC3 player and says he can beat Jmh! our saviour because online he beats "9TH LORDS!!!!!!" and I just like hangin out with you and playing ssbm and you making funny league comments :awesome:
    Yo moo when you get back from cali, come up to jmh's for some mvc3 ssbm and w/e you feel like because i miss you dawg<3
    I will tentatively state that I am free Thursday after, like, 4 and on Friday after 2. We might be able to get others to join. Though, we would have to play in my room or at DJ's apartment (assuming he's on campus at the time); I don't have a car lol.
    ughghghhg you would moo. but i don't care i beat yay at BAC so i'll rematch JMH when i feel like it.
    yeah, he can be kind of a hot dog sometimes. kevin told me about those incidents and i jumped and danced around too. :)
    not to mention, kevin's a teacher. we worked on my fox v marth MU today and...i still suck at it but it's going to get better before SOS. but yeah, we'd love to have you sometime...maybe, and our parents are usually fine with that kind of stuff. as long is it's not like, more than 7 people it'd probably be alright. we have, like, 2 setups at home.
    Yeah man if it were like somebody else I dunno if I'd be so willing to make the drive. But freakin PP AND Twitch!? Hell yeah I'd make that drive. That's so much improvement from a night of playing right there :)
    i guess i need to see your house then. sounds ****. we know YOU would be fine with making the drive, you're a bro, but most other people wouldn't. the only smash people we've had at our house is stingers and jim and that's only because they're an hour away.
    i know, i keep telling kevin we should have a fest or something here but he keeps saying no one will want to drive hours to our place like we drive hours to their places. people aren't THAT heartless. but yeah, we should play smash sometime.
    thanks, man. dude, i need to see you more. i've only seen you once, but, you know, with kevin being back i'll probably see you a lot more. you better get on the PRs soon. ;)
    Dude thats like having a gameshark or action replay for real life.

    Its smashbaords on easy mode...

    no fair.
    Gotcha. ArgyrisArcher is my AIM and b.c.phil@hotmail.com is my MSN. I'm usually online in both sides all day if you need me.
    You're welcome!

    Also, I recommend downloading Shoddy Battle for two reasons:
    1. My Diamond save file got destroyed a while back, and it seems my best teams went with it.
    2. It's a much better way of testing a team before you actually build it in-game.
    dark hart is looking for a partner at ashboro...

    idk if your interested but i was gonna let you know anyway...

    apparently dj is looking for one too
    i am teaming with jim at ashboro...

    i think we might have potential as a team though...

    lets be sure to do it some other time...
    i know, great game. have you tried it on bitter yet? i'm stuck at the final boss. it's close to impossible.
    Ya I intended on going but so many people were in town. Had to do some hosting. Well I've been playing Darkrain once a week for a month now. I don't know why I haven't gone out of my way to play him till recently. It's hard not to get better
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