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  • I've heard of it/seen people battle with it. I'll definitely pick it up so we can play and you can teach me some things!
    I'm sorry, now that i think about there really is no reason to have Cartoon Net work anmore. It used to be so awesome, that movie is the first thing I've seen in years. So are going to wait until it come out in theaters?
    Tell me about it, I've always loved the games. I only reacentallystarted playing the card game recentally. I didn't like when the changed the orginal cast, I mean it was Ash, Misty and Brock all the way. I watched the last movie with the Pichu, it's no Pokemon 2000 but it was still good.
    You to, I can talk about Pokemon for hours. It's cool because the best part about Pokemon are the games. I kind of like the show but it's not what it use to be, the movies aren't really like what it use to be either. I loved the Mewtwo movies and the Pokemon 2000 movie.
    I have benn good, my Thanksgiving inculed lots of food so It's been great. It was cool meeting you and that other gut that played as snake I think. I usually only meet aholes at tourney's, it was nice to meet somwone cool.
    Hey man how are you doing? I'm the Lucario player that was talking about the old pokemon games.
    Hey, do you remember me? I was at last Billfest. If you're the person I'm thinking about, you had the cute and fuzzy Pichu that I love to cuddle with!
    yeah, prolly can since you're not too far out of the way
    odd that pp can't pick you up
    we're there for both days though
    and atm i still dunno if we're doing fri night or sat morning

    edit: and message me your number/address or something so i can call you when we're in town
    it looks like we'll be leaving sometime late fri
    i dunno how late
    just get a good nights sleep today or a nap tomorrow afternoon
    and are you bringing a setup?
    Brutal lmao, almost tougher than smash...almost.
    I'm surprised by the games popularity, Every 45 min I lost it at Animazement.
    My friends dad plays it now 0_o
    Im gonna go With Dec 12th as the next date and Ill try to Make that date more for sure over the next few Days.
    Well right now there is no real Blazblue community in TN there are only like 4 people who would enter. So its been Melee and Brawl+
    well right now im not too sure on the date but I bet I could set the Next monthly around then.
    Haha, but it's too bad Bill doesn't get on enough. Can't wait for his reaction though.
    Oh well, I was going to ask, but then I went to play BlazBlue and got over it.

    Who are you going to prank now? :o
    Good luck at HERB ;D
    Yeah. Your kirby's sexy and I could believe you'd be pretty good at pokemon. I've been skimping on brawl more since I'm missing 2 big tournies thanks to my mom's wedding. The Friday before HERB and I don't know exactly about Strongertron. So It's been my little time off from smash.
    Haha it must be really strategic with doubles; more so than singles. Oh well there will always be more too. I've gotten used to losing now. But I keep on chuggin'. Haha though at least you nearly won, that's the best thing. And someone really good (since you said he was famous).
    Cool. That sucks you missed that attack though. Isn't Zapdos one of those ubers though?
    Man that's ****ty. What's your team? Just curious :) And uh where was it?
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