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    Grats on being top 5 Pit!
    And now that you're all pro and everything...

    you can't forget the little people :3
    Do you still play online every now and then? I think I saw you online not to long ago. We should play again :D

    Probably, Its not that surprising for me to do that :p
    heres to hoping i come to whobo, if i do im bringing teabags :)
    While that sounds good on paper, Getting a flight from dreary england to toasty texas in the middle of summer is really expensive, I'll have to see if it adds up :)
    haha, how can you feel american? oh you silly :B

    But yes, We do need to have tea together, perhaps next apex if i have the moneys :)
    I know right? It was only after damix and loz offhandedly mentioned that there was women in the pit boards that i thought 'I should go bug fyre in her own character board' :B

    So, how be you?
    I apologize if it seems harsh but I did not mean it. You're really youngish...for an old woman. Sure, I'll gladly bring my treasured yarn collection. We should also swap old war stories while we're at it. :glare:
    Yes, I actually am going. I'm already registered in Brawl singles and doubles (with Ussi as my partner), have a room at the Hyatt, airplane tickets, etc. You are? That's great, now I can watch you bring me great shame in singles. :glare:
    You blind vieja, your link is linking the wrong page (or it might be because I use 40 PPP). :glare:

    I disagree with the discussion. The best Pit is...
    . Search your feelings, you know it to be true. :glare:
    Fyre, happy thanksgiving XD Wish we could play again I can't get my wii to work on WiFi anymore :( still trying to find a solution but it's not going well :/ anyway hope you had a nice day!

    Edit: I got my WiFi fixed :D

    Hey Fyre! Remember me? It's me, dualseeker XD! How have you been? Is your Pit still awesome?

    Well, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Fyre ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with lots of happiness ^__^! Make sure to eat a lot :D!
    kk cool, i'll probably message you in an hour if i can play

    if not.. tomorrow we'll definitely play
    oh, alright.

    i was just wondering because aim is sooooo much easier to communicate, plus you have your account on "private" or whatever so I can't see if you're online or not
    alright, cool

    hopefully i can play... i'll leave you a shoutout on smashboards
    do you have an allisbrawl account or aim?
    yeeeeeee gurl

    ummmm i'm not 100% sure i can play tonight, but it's likely
    what time will you be available?
    Yeah, but I can't play doubles RIGHT this second.

    Do you wanna play later tonight or maybe tomorrow?
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