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Legendary Pikachu

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  • Ayee LDPK, long time no talk/read lol
    I was wondering if you still do the "LDPK test" thing you did before.
    If so, I would like to give it another try ^^
    Idk if we'll be able to get you from there around then. I know Ussi is picking up FZ from the airport a little less than an hour before that, and seeing as it is a ~40 trip to Newark, either FZ would have to be left hanging for over an hour, or Ussi would be double timing it back and forth for about 3 hours after his 2 hr drive to my place. Pharrox MIGHT be able to help you out, but he is being held back by Lain johns and thus doesn't know when/if he'll be able to make it here.

    I think it's lookin' like you'll have to take the Raritan Valley Line in, and I could head out with Ussi and get you from there.
    Hola amigo, it'd help out my planning if you could let me know what time your train gets in. I want to be there to get you guys, and I need to know whether I should get Leaf from the airport first. Also if you could PM me your number, so you could let me know when you guys are getting close to the station, that would be great. I'll PM you mine now.
    Dunno if you read the social, so:

    Dropping mod in a few days, and I'm giving away the directory, the matchup thread (the stickied one), and the social. Lemme know if you want any of them, particularly one of the first two.

    <3 the Avatar profile pic, btw! One of my favorite cartoons. =D
    yea dude you can do whatever you want with the replays. it was a pretty sick 0 death on dk. I had no idea what to do. lol
    Hiya Legendary Im Lookin 4 A Brawl Friend / Rival Think U Could Help Me Out Plus I Could Learn A Thing Or 2 (^_^)/ Anyway Laterz
    When does Hylian return? I don't have any issues playing after Xmas, but my family is very anti-gaming, so I can't host anything at my house :( If he comes back and has a free day, then I'd gladly play with you guys.
    I live in houston. Like 2 and a half hours away. You'd want to hylian or phantom x. They live in austin.
    PhantomX for sure would probably be able to play with you at some point, I think chad is off in florida..don't know about jon/charles. Just check out the austin thread we like playing with new people :).
    I might find some time to play, but I'm going to be in dallas from the 24th till the 26th and working otherwise so I don't know. Several other players live in austin. Go to the regional zones then to southwest and check out the austin thread in the social room. I'm sure you can find someone.
    Haha, DR is quite hard to get it own at first w/o changing controls to suit it's needs in terms of speed. I wouldn't worry about it initially since it can make people lose sight of the basics. Idk who will show for herb 3 that plays yoshi from OoS, but hopefully, it'll be an interesting tourney =P
    From what I knew, it was just a general video thread. It wasn't for the best of the best vids, cause then Anther, Z, and Pikapika would be all over it. I'll let prime or Kaylo deal with them since they'll know what to do with them. I know my recent videos (especially against DK) was for critque, but I didn't want them in the critique thread cause I clearly don't know the MU nor was playing well with pika.

    I heard that you play Yoshi. I would like to see your Yoshi sometime (hopefully at Herb 3).
    lol, I was hoping to catch the end of your skull bash with it but you went too far and I died.
    we're still in it. it's me and waldorf, he's from nc. he was at herb1 and 2 and...some of foxys bromonthlys
    hey i deleted you by accident deleting people that I had just played. can i get your fc again?
    its cool i understand. i was looking forward to that test but now i just have more time to practice :) see you next time. and you better be there next time lol
    you want me to put my videos in volt tackle vids? isnt that thread for really good videos for people to watch when they want to get better?
    Seems to be something in place blocking pings...


    I guess I'll have to find out what kind of connection I have w/you the old fasioned way. :p
    To get your IP address, Well just go to www.pingtest.net and it should have your IP adress right there on the bottom left. ( right above the 'rate your ISP' thing). and you can click on it and it will copy it to your clip board.
    hey can yall try somethin for me i did somethin on bowser yesterday while bowser was n the air i jumped off his head then used uair then i fast falled then repeated the process i did this twice but he ddint attack me the whole time weird can yall try this=) i mean im not really a pikachu expert when it comes frame data n all that stuff=( heres the thing again while opponent in air jump off head uair then fastfall jump off head uair then fastfall but the uair has ti hit the opponent up at least a little
    I only get Wii time on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. My AIM is Nicholas1024. If you add me, I'm sure we can find a time when we're both online.
    wishi had my wii i have developed my pikachu after reading the generating a win thread i wanna go ballistic with pikachu GO CRAZAY! its funny wat u can do if u dont do anythin but read ur butt off i read a lot of guides i can main any1 i want infact i read 8 guides i main 8 chars n its finna b 9 soon as i fisnish the 1 for snake
    Okay, hopefully I'll be on a lot of today. I don't have anything to do besides like maybe an hour's worth of homework, which is on the computer anyways. If you're on whenever, I can definitely take a break for some smash :)
    I was watching your videos last night/ early this morning. You are so much fun to watch and I like your mini-lectures. Why are you so awesome? ♥
    Thanks for all those nice video uploads.
    Hey, I'm ready for the LDPK challenge whenever you are for the rest of today. I'll be using Pikachu, as you probably guessed.
    You have to add my FC and then on your wii menu (Go to messages and then compose) you will see a thing that says address book. Add my Wii code in there.
    Well anyways I added you both on Brawl and Wii console, heres my FC's:

    Wii FC: 0576 1740 7069 3608
    Brawl FC: 4898-3362-8737
    Do you have a capture card? we can add eachother both on Brawl and Wii console friend codes and I can send you Replays via Wifi Friend roster, if you don't have a Capture card (dazzle) I don't know how else to send the vids so you can record them for me, my only means of internet ATM is only Wiinet internet channel D:
    oh sorry bout last night. im like super sick and have been really nauseated and dizzy and breathing is a little difficult too. lets postpone till like thursday. im going to be using good ole snake. whats your FC?
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