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  • Well... volt tackle indeed ARE the vids that are good. But the ones where you win are pretty decent. So long as the opponent doesn't suck (and the ones you face did great), any decent video with pikachu winning is worthy of being in volt tackle. If you feel that some of the wins are more amazing than usual, posting them on volt tackle is just fine. Plus, it puts your name with the list of good 'chus. ^_^
    it was ok, i didnt win but i placed 3rd in my pool i couldn't go on to the bracket, after the tourney was over tc1 told me that I could've made use of another rule i would have avoided fighting 4 snake mains on battlefield in a row -.-

    well i'll remember for next time. but even with the difficult stage i did ok. before fighting 4 snake mains in a row i went up agaisnt meep 1st round.
    managed to get 2 stocks off of him 2 rounds =/

    after the tourney i played a ton of friendlies, and i won about half of those.

    i used mainly pikachu, once iceclimbers, and once sonic, and 2 times kirby in the pool.
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