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  • Cam don't listen to sand he's crazy and has been trolling you for the last like 3 days.

    <3 :(
    Really Well. My best friend took first in singles (I didn't enter because I was too busy running the brawl singles and halo 3 tournament). My friend and I took first in brawl doubles (which was after brawl singles and halo 3 ended). He made $150 and I made $50. = D
    Aww...I really hope you can come. I'd like to play some people outside of my city for once. =|

    If you give me your email, I can email you the rules and information about the tournament. If you can come, that would be great and you can just show up at 9:00 a.m. on April 11. If you can't, oh well.
    lol yea. in serious matches.. like in tourneys... i dont qac as much.. most of my matches on youtube are freindlys where im just messing around..qac isnt effective in competative situations.. its easily punshed.
    haha thanks.we should have some dittos sometime..im not really a smashboards person so if ur on aib we should play sometime. Im pretty sure i saw some videos of ur pikachu i was impressed. make sure you put some of ur highlights on RZA'S new combo video. I know some of the more famous pikachus wont be in it because their egos are too big and they think there better than every1 else.. but i think the video will be cool afterall its lulz.
    Ok, I just want to let you know up front that this is a fundraiser, and I want to emphasize it. The purpose of this tourney is to raise money to help pay for Mu Alpha Theta National Convention ($550 per person). The prizes aren't as great as actual tournaments. They are $100 gift cards to game stop or game crazy.

    If you give me your email, I can email you the rules and information, along with the registration form. I'm in charge of the whole tournament (including a simulataneous Halo3 tournament), so if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Also, this is my first time hosting a large scale tournament, and I've only been to one real tournament, so I don't have too much experience in this field. If this turns out well, I might host more tournaments in the future.
    its not a big tourney. It's only a small local fundraiser for a school math club. If its too far, you probably don't want to spend your time driving up here.
    Hey, I'm having a fundraising tournament at my school on April 11. The entry fee is 10 for singles and 10 per team for doubles. Its at Cookeville High School. The prizes are 100 dollar gift cards to gamestop. If you're interested, I can give you more info.
    I think we've met once before, I'm not too sure, but your name rings a bell. I wanted to introduce myself again if we've met before! :)
    If you're going to that tourney at Game Galaxy, we can do some friendlies together.
    Second Match vs Falco:

    Chaingrab. Work on avoiding getting CG'd by falco and work on CGing falco with your fthrow. You messed up the CG on falco on the third stock by using dthrow. When you are CGing him and you reach the edge, just keep grab attacking to force a ground break. That puts falco in a bad position, since you can rob his double jump with a jab or dtilt, and you can edgehog his up b if he wants to do that. Jumping off the stage and uairing/nairing him out of his second jump is also another way to force him to use his easy to edgehog firefox.

    On your first death, the thunder was really risky, since there was a platform in the way. You got punished for it with a usmash. When you're at high percents and falco's a low percents, just shield camp and go for a CG. Play safe when you are in falco's kill range. Just try to get as much damage in before you die.

    Skull Bash recovery against Falco is REALLY risky, since he has an easy to use/land spike. Just stick with QA, it will get you back 99% of the time.

    When you get hit with a strong attack, DI towards the stage's upper corners, use uair, and then SB/jump to counter the momentum. It will help you live a lot longer.

    That's all I have. If you want more feedback/critique, you might want to post this on the pika boards.
    First Match vs Marth:

    Try working on your combo's at 0%. Dthrow -> utilt -> uair -> fair -> grab, dthrow -> utilt -> uair is a really nice combo. You might try easier variants first: dthrow -> utilt ->uair -> nair, or fthrow -> running usmash. At higher percents, uair -> nair is a good finisher. You did a nice utilt -> thunder on marth on the first stock.

    Also, work on punishing marth when he fails to sweetspot the ledge. I believe it happened 3 or 4 times during that match. You also need to speed hug the edge against marth more often as he's trying to recover. Speed hugging/edgehogging usually gives you a free stock or a free aerial. Nice edgehog on the second stock btw.

    Be careful with skull bash. It can be rewarding at times, but often, its very dangerous. You lost your second stock while SB'ing. The easiest way to hit with SB (especially on the tilting stage of Lylat Cruise) is to charge it up and act like you are going for the edge, but instead, go right above the edge. This usually only works once though. Never use SB when you are close to your opponent.

    From 4:00-4:15, you went from 68- 110% while you were trying to return to the ledge. If marth spaces himself like he did, do a ledgehop tjolt. If he gets closer, do a ledgehop aerial, but if he stays there, keep doing ledgehopped tjolts. If you really need to return to the stage, ledgehop -> QAC works nicely.

    I admire your perserverance. You got marth from 0- 150%+ even though he had a 100% lead on the last stock. You guys were neck and neck (both at 150%+) at the end, so props for not giving up.
    Sure, I'll be glad to give you some feedback. Just give me the links to the videos. =)
    IDK...Me? I'm the only pika player on Smashboards that lives in TN...
    Hey are you going to the same tourney on feb. 28? It's at the same place.
    It was about 1.5 hrs for me too, but I came by myself. Its pretty cool that you know DanGR and Will in real life.

    I used pikachu in pools to chaingrab =P. I destroyed a falcon/ganon main and another guy who used ike. I felt bad about CG'ing them to death, but I play to win =)
    I didn't do well either, but it was really fun. How far/long did you have to drive to get to the tourney?
    Hey, did you go to that tourney in Antioch, TN on Jan. 17? I saw a pikachu named "Cam" there.
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