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  • alright thats cool. im planning on purging the PBR a little and your name was brought up lol. just making sure you are still on

    It's looking like I may not be able to go. I promised my girlfriend that I would take her out on a date that weekend, while I have to go to my brother's birthday on sunday. You know what? I'll see you there if I can go. That's the best I can do because chances are I won't know until the last minute. Sorry for the mixed signals O.o
    I think I am going to go actually. I never get to play good pikas (so don't be surprised if I am terrible at dittos). A couple of my friends said they wanted to go, so it should be fun.
    as a character, here are the statistics.

    Rainbow Cruise <- Personally i believe Ike does well here. However I just lik and am comfortable on this stage so I do good here. Of course MK and Pit so far are horrible to fight here. I'm not sure about anyone else :\

    Green Greens <- No experience on this stage :\ banned in NJ/PA/NY

    Norfair <- Favorite stages should always have more weight when picking a stage. Ike doesn't do bad here, as Ike has a good platform game due to his sword.

    Pirate Ship <- Ike is the best character on the stage. He is ungimpable. Aether protects Ike from Spikes. Aether SETS UP spikes. But the main focus of the stage is not battling in water. Most smart opponents will be afraid to even get near the water if the Ike player does so good in it.

    Jungle Japes <-- Ike's worst stage. I have tried this stage in doubles with a Falco. I ended up dying 3 times due to water :\ without life stealing. Died 2 times in the first minute. Killed the other team 2 times. partner dies. Killed one guy and two more times and then its one stock vs 2. I fall into the water and die.

    Halberd <- This stage is great for vertical killers. Ike does not lack those kind of kill moves so it's only personal preference.

    Now I'll list more stages:

    PS1 <- Does pretty well, since there are a few walls to wall infinite. However, doubles prevent it a bit.

    PS2 <-- this is my personal favorite stage. Its my usual CP too since PS is banned :( Ice provides get mind games with sliding DANGEROUS smashes. Air makes Ike's uair even more dangerous since everyone's air mobility is worse. Electric, the belts are good ways to fsmash then the stage throws your off so you have no ending lag. Earth provides a wall to wall infinite, otherwise its just a stage with a rock and a platform on it.

    Also, you'll need a good nuetral. Battlefield is the prefect nuetral. Good for both Ike and G&W with their disjointness of doom.

    FD is a good stage, since projectile spamming is bad with a G&W there. Lylat is iffy, since it does gimp Ike with a simply 1 inch tilt away from him. Yoshi's is fairly a good stage. Smashville is the most balanced stage ever xD (Minus Snake)

    Frigate it self is a bad stage for Ike. However, if Ike is comfortable and if his partner can protect him when he recovers, its not as bad. 2nd worst stage.

    After that is RC statistically. (Which I disagree with :\ but I can't really put a different stage there..)

    Personally for doubles, besides the stage, you guys need to able to utilize the stage as a team. Bad stages for one person can still work out. And good stages can backfire. All depends on how you guys work together on it.

    PS: When KLo showed me the pic of Ike and Pikachu, I instantly made it my avatar. Its the best picture ever of Ike + Pikachu :D
    I appreciate the concern, but I've been... not really "busy", but occupied with more other entertaining things than Brawl. I'm programming a game on Gamemaker most of the time. Other times I'm just browsing on the internet. Nonetheless, though, I've been somewhat on Brawl. I was practicing my glide toss a few days ago. God am I thankful for that. I do wish the Diddy matchup would be updated. :/
    if you want to bring some recording devices then by all means be my guest. I guess if you had a DVDRecorder or VHS player you could record like that. but i broke lol
    Thanks for the extensive advice. Hopefully I can put a Pikachu on the board in this state soon.
    Video critique. My friend was supposed to have a video uploaded through his capture card by now, but he hasn't done it. He should have it done sometime tonight or tomorrow. I lose the matches, but who's going to get better by posting matches where they win?
    Oh, really? There's like no pika players in Alabama either... well... except for me XD

    Could I get some pika feedback then?
    Well, that may have been misleading. I rode up with Will and DanGR, but that was the first time I met Will. I do know DanGR in real life though.

    Chaingrabbing is amazing with pikachu. I love switching between down throw cg and forward throw cg to combo.
    It was about an hour and a half drive. I came with Will and DanGR.

    I saw you playing pika as well. Pretty awesome stuff man. Unfortunately, I couldn't even get out of the pools because Will, Zach, and Big Baby Jesus were all in my pool.
    well Milln has what few vids he recorded. as for brackets they will not be posted due to Some idiot who unhooked the laptop and hooked it into the Ethernet slot.
    no not yet, i have to figure out how to reinstall somthing on vista.. its being dumb and not letting me. and i still ned more gw practise. i can;t beat anyone yet.
    Should you make a topic explaining what you and me are trying to do?
    Just to let everyone know we are trying to clean up the clutter by making new stickies.
    The Watchers is being moved, since Chckn hasn't been able to stay active enough. The new group is The G&W Back Room, so message Neb if you think you deserve in on it. I think you have shown that you are dedicated enough, personally, but I dont know if Neb thinks that's enough.
    Yo K 2. I was thinking about that thread idea you mentioned on the shiek boards about, shiek being boring. I couldn't find it on G&W boards, could you direct that to me by chance? thanks.
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