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  • cool dude..well hit me up about any other smash events coming up what city are u in by the way?
    Yeah man I'm a Nashville player with no transportation I'll have to wait for the next one. haha
    Hey you're a TN player right? I just moved to Nashville. You know the good spots to play at?
    Hah xD, It's B+, but they might have Brawl, I'm not sure, I was going to have my tournament the 1st but another person was having a tournament in TN the same day so when I reschedualed to this day and later found out BATGG was the same day, I was like oh well xD.

    I'll be sure to not let that happen again. Have fun at the tournament!
    I understand, and good luck at your tournament, I'll message you when I get a date for my next tournament. By the way, what tournament are you going to tomorrow? what city?
    Awesome! It's Brawl, It's Saterday the 15th, Sorry it's such short notice, I'll be having another one in a month if you can't make this one, here is a flyer with everything you need to know if you need more info: http://i40.tinypic.com/15p0to5.png

    This is my first tournament, and I'm having it at the YMCA, because they're letting me use that place for free, and they have all the wii's/TV's, but they won't let me charge money for a prize pot, but I will definitely have one at my next tournament, If you need any more info, just call the number on the flyer ^_^.

    Do you think you can make it?
    Hello fellow Tennessee Smasher, What part of TN are you from? I'm starting to host monthly tournaments and if you lived close you could come ^_^. I'm in Cleveland, Tennessee, by Chattanooga.
    I guess. I mean, I don't even remember what happened... I think he insulted me or something after I won on AiB. Like, forever ago...

    You were reading my visitor page. THIS IS PRIVATE YOU FOOL!
    I was mad from all the disputes I been getting on GB. Prideful Rel12, Snakes on a **** plane, and The Rebellion. Curse them.
    Hey, I'm having a small brawl/halo 3 tournament at our school for a fundraiser for our math club, mu alpha theta. I'm not sure if you're interested or not, but it's on april 11. There will be brawl singles and doubles. Its probably not going to be too big (more than 20 or so people). The entry fee is $10 per person for singles and $10 per person for doubles. The prizes are probably going to be $100 giftcards to game stop or gamecrazy. Again, its a fundraiser, so the prizes aren't as great, but if you want to come out here and brawl, I can give you more info later.
    Hey Phloat, I won't be able to go to Game Galaxy Saturday. I asked my parents two weeks ago and they said I could go, but when I asked them yesterday, they said I couldn't go...wtf. It sucks really bad, since it was suppose to be my b-day present.

    Good Luck at the tourney! I hope we see each again.

    -K 2
    hey dude hows it going? Im trying to get some peoples together today for a bit of a smash fest. I'd really like it if you came. Hit me up.
    umm hi im Tufi:) nice to meet u i jus wanted to know if u would like to brawl sumtime? im looking for good brawlers to go on my roster and mayb u could be one of em? if u want to brawl jus msg me back and we can exchange codes or sumthn.umm my true main is Zelda but my other mains are Ice Climbers Peach Sheik and Zss jus a heads up so.,......cya!^_^
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