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  • Thanks a ton, Neb, you're always one of, if not THE, most helpful G&W players!
    I probably just need the moves and one other small section, however, I plan on having pictures set up like in this thread:


    As it shows, it typically has three shots for one move. If that's too much of a pain, a single picture is fine. Also note the Pikachu in Brawl section at the beginning. A few shots of G&W in his alternate costumes doing his animations would be really nice, though not necessary. If so, one of the shots should be G&W's sleep animation :)
    Hey Neb. Do you think you could help out with pictures for the new guide? I don't want to just take the ones OBM is using :x
    Yeah sure, I had forgotten about that :V. I have a bit of a backlog atm... so I'll get to it... sometime ^_____^
    you must tell me some badassery GnW is capable of! Right now I abuse bair/nair and kind of...fail and get bored
    I'm getting boreeed of GnWWWWWW

    help me like him before I go to the dark side and start using mk D:
    ya I figured out game and watch works for all the retarted stages people pick at tourneys. I'm gonna try out my gdubs tomorrow at one and see how it goes. Ya I'll post more but expect trolling and flaming as well as productive posts. Mwhahaharharharhar
    I've been in the snake section...lol. Literally. I've never not been active on SWF, I just quit going to the game and watch section.

    You guise must miss mai flaming skillz
    Neb you seem like a cool guy since you said my secret/sacred knowledge is safe with you.

    I also replied on you quoting me in the Melee G&W specific board. Memorizing the patterns do have a effective use in G&W play. Spacing/Comboing strategy can so be based on the memorization of the patterns of bacon/sausage trajectories.

    This is how memorizing the patterns does make them effective; Do you see the logic behind my G&W strategy?
    I've been really busy with school work and soccer. I've been staying past midnight for the past two weeks trying to do homework and to study for my tests.
    Neb...Are you...Ben Benjamen? Ben Squared? One of your family members used to work for Nintendo somehow or something. Are you Ben Benjamen or am I just crazy =p
    Neb, just for info, you misspelled my screen name on the luigi vid thread, it's Locuan not Loucan :p. Aside from that, awesome work with the vid thread.
    The food stuns the opponent, as in lands a clean hit? The "frame advantage" in that case is hitstun. If you can land another hit before hitstun runs out, then it is a "combo."

    If you're talking about blockstun, providing you can end the Chef just as the food hits the shield, and that for some reason the player is shielding the entire time, sure.
    There are very few characters in the game that can actually frame-trap. Zero Suit Samus is able to do so because her attacks have incredibly low cooldown. Marth has some limited capability of doing so because his Up+B is invulnerable on startup.

    Frame advantage is a single number, and it's really impossible to determine the exact time it'd take to move into range after blocking something. Basically, by the time you're doing tipper dsmashes against shields, you're no longer frame-trapping - you're just spacing/zoning.
    -3 advantage off of a shield drop is still not particularly frame-trapping against the faster characters. Most of the quick jabs hit on frame 2. 2 + (-3) = -1, so you'd basically need something to hit on frame -1 to beat a shield-dropped jab. It does mean they can't punish you significantly, though (unless you get grabbed by Olimar).
    I can't be exactly sure what you're talking about, but if usmash has -8 frame advantage then that means the person should be able to shieldgrab you before your attack is even over. dsmash's -10 is even worse for you.
    They did a massive purge in the debate hall and they kicked out a ****load of people there stripping them of their debate title. I wasn't active in there for about 2 months so I got booted out. I really don't care too much about that though.
    Hey Neb! I was wondering if I could get into the G&W Backroom. I currently run the stage discussions and I try to contribute as much as I can to the G&W community. I would be greatly honored if I could be admitted in the G&W BR. I am interested in furthering G&W's metagame and helping out the G&W community in general. Thanks for considering!

    -K 2
    Lol, good. I expected more fromm Neb, but if it wasnt you then all is well xD
    Diddy is just wicked fun to use! he doesnt have many better matchups than G&W except maybe against MK, but I would stick to G&W for familiarity. How does he do vs Snake + Marth? Going even with Marth would be nice.
    Did I just play you as Toon Link?
    If so good games man. I just picked up Diddy, so do you have an opinion on him? He's fun, and I dunno if I should make him a dedicated second.
    Thanks; my 1000th post was about Dr. Pepper. lol

    I didn't even notice until right after I posted it. :)
    Yeah, if you have stages you like, send them my way!
    I don't have many spectacular 1v1 match replays, though, since I havent got the unlimited replay code yet (cant find my SD card), so I might send you some miscellaneous matches.
    Lol, correct. It's me teasing Colinjf. His is Ness is Broken with the same avatar, so me and a bunch of others made parodies of it. Anyways, yeah, that it me.
    ugh ?_______?
    I went to send you a replay and your name wasnt there. I got your message sent from the wii and I replied, and we have each other registered on wifi, so I don't know what would be the issue. Do you think it might be something silly like you have WiiConnect24 turned off?
    It was really easy compared to other work I've done. =/

    Thanks for the compliment anyways. (:
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