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Captain L
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  • quite the situation our scene is in

    if you wanna talk i'm on msn/skype a lot. i've got more than my share of dealing with disgruntled community members.

    not that i think you're incapable of handling this... just that having someone to bounce ideas off who isn't heavily invested in the situation can be a big help to staying sane ^^
    Hey dude you probably forgot about it by now lol but you're my next opponent for the pikachu forums wifi tourney. Let me know when you're available to play!
    Great Pikachu! ggs Just what I was looking for.. I'm glad we played. Sorry for stressing you out, but yeah. Feel better alright?

    Are you sure you added me though? You still aren't showing up and I double checked the code.
    The deadline for our round is on Wednesday on this week. Could you be able to do the match until then? If not I'll have to confess :(.
    Whoa...dang sorry about your arm. You're right most of this crap doesn't matter and I hate it to be honest. I would love to play your Pikachu...but I'm not going to be at home on Saturday. So I guess, to be childlishly blunt, I might have to win out of unfairness. Unless if you can play earlier than Saturday.
    I know you waited 12 minutes for my next response, but you shouldn't log off smashboards right after your post if we're expected to get this done.
    Let's just do this another day, I'm not wasting my time anymore for somebody who won't have the intention to even add my friend code, therefore not having the same online cooperation. Probably Thursday.
    Yeah I was at a party until 8:00...then internet problems too lol. I think 7:00 would be good, what do you think?
    Sounds good buddy! I'm in California so we have the same time! And yes I can brawl you Sunday, probably 7:00 but that's only rough, not completely sure yet. About the stages, you don't announce your counterpick right away, it's usually after the first round, the loser then picks the desired counterpick. And no need to private message him... that's silly lol. Just set your random stage selection to the four neutrals, then pick Random on first round. :) I'll message you Sunday evening.
    To name a few: We have regular clan tournaments, we're currently looking for clan wars, we have accomplishments -it will be self explanatory when you see the page-, we have a forum, a neat ranking system, an Xat on the homepage, and some other stuff that I cant remember now.

    Send me a message with your main and brawl name: jairolperez.webs.com
    (I didn't know my user-name was going to be my sub-domain >_>)
    Nothing too serious -yet. We hope to become more serious, but not right now. It's mostly for the fun of it. We have clan wars, accomplishments, regular clan friendly tournaments, ect.

    Here's the site. Check it out. jairolperez.webs.com
    (If I knew my username was gonna be my subdomain I would have changed it >_>)
    Lol, its when you're post doesn't exceed 10 characters and you have nothing else to say :p.

    Hey, would you be interested in joining my clan?
    I am free right now if you are available.... i'll be waiting... read the original thread for more information.... if you are busy... then i'll be fine... i'll find the others on the list.
    sorry for not being able to make it... but that's good... continue to post when you are free and if i am able to make it (time-wise and i'm not busy) i'll respond back shortly. Thanks again for being patient with me. ^_^
    yeah I think your connection just lag spikes alot xD

    There must be some Vancouver tourneys near-by. From what I hear BC is mainly plays melee, so it might be tough to find brawl tourneys.

    But yeah, I think you could do decent with your Pika. You were good online, so that can only mean you're better offline.
    Dude! I definitely underestimated you. Your Pika is legit!
    It's too bad about our connection. I don't know what's up with that since we're so close and all.

    And here I thought I'd have an easy win. The fact that you made me bust out my main right away means you're a good player in my mind. Pit is just a character I use for fun xD

    Great games :)
    I went smashville already :p
    I hosted btw.

    Also, I noticed you live in BC. I live in Alberta so we should have a good connection :D
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