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  • Well, obviously, there's a million things people can interpret from those lines. I'm a big fan of Megadeth, so I did a little research on a few of their songs and album covers and whatnot.

    That verse is from a song entitled "Rust in Peace....Polaris" from the album of the same name. Polaris is the name of a nuclear missile. The song itself is mainly about protesting nuclear warfare. The verse I quoted is dealing with the potential of a nuclear warhead's power and how it can easily destroy a large city, and cripple a nation. As to how they relate directly to each other.....Iunno. I mean, they rhyme, I guess.

    Not sure if all that was the answer you were looking for.....
    Nope. Yo just have to have the other characters flee or get killed off in battle.

    It takes a lot of grinding (and I mean a LOT of grinding) and you'll have to try hard for overkills so you can get the extra experience, so you end up using your Overdrives on normal battles. I actually got Blitz Ace when I was in Kilika.
    Hey, did I ever tell you that I've been doing a Tidus-only run of FFX?

    Thought you might care.
    late respond but yes!

    also, I feel like if we both played the same mk and alternated playing vs one we would get better at the matchup faster because we see what's working for each other. next tournament we're both at we should try that.

    fuuuuuusion.... ha! lol
    i might be going to the sd tournament as well but i'd have to have money/transportation/etc

    planning on figuring it out tomorrow
    Rich be driving and he's taking me+typh+larry. Pretty sure Soren's working out being picked up on the way.

    So yep. All in one car. A car FILLED with sexy.
    Yeah i've been hella busy. I got a new job and they are working me like crazy, so i'm hardly around here anymore. Glad to hear you're still reppin the king, i'm counting on you :3c
    The first track, I found was a pretty long time ago when I was just surfin the net looking for instrumentals. I don't think there was ever an album to it. The 2nd song is called Alice by a group/artist (not sure which) called Pogo.
    Man been hanging out for those new vids for ages, good ****. Your game with DSF was amazing, seemed like you were toying with him at times lol.
    you and junk need to friendly me more so i can learn the DDD MU. lol

    i would have talked more at geeks and stuff but i'm not that talkative IRL. =/
    I tried deleting you and re-adding you but to make sure here is my Wii Code again

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