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  • Wow; I get a post from old school smex!!
    What games you been playing lately eh sir? No brawl anymore right...
    Dude... you logged in yesterday but you don't even post in the King Dedede boards..why?
    And why are you not on AIM much? :(
    LOL...not crashies. Gates doesn't like the "y" and Jupz doesn't care what I call him but I'm only calling him juppies because I don't like the "z" in his name lol. Booblet.
    Last time my Snake beat your DDD, and your DDD beat my Falco. After that you went Luigi of which we tied for wins and losses with both.
    I never do, I beat them.

    I left SD a long time ago. I joined up with LB (Legendeary Brawlers) for a time, but quit them. Now I am no longer in any clan. And it's actually been a good decision. Before I would always have extreme highs and lows in game play because of my mood. And that mood came from the other clan members. So now I play more constantly.

    Plus, not being in a clan means I face more people by going else where instead of playing the same people over and over again.
    So, how are the Vids coming along? You drop it or are you still working on it?
    Yo you need to get on aim more!
    I did see you on once this weekend but I was busy that one time.
    So try little later tomorrow so we can discuss things.
    Nothing. I just hate missing iconic post numbers because they give me a chance to post something stupid and get away with it, so I figured I'd point it out.
    Oh okay...
    Lol you commented "multi-tech training stage" that's awesome lol.... but they weren't really teching off the walls when they were getting *****, meh :D
    That's the glitch I was telling you about. Did you read the description man? Right after Yoshi brought has head back, the hammer hits him... look at the slow-mo one more time..closely.
    Oh, thanks, but im busy right now.

    Where do you find texture that have been made already? Will it be .TXT file? If so, do I simply use code manager to convert?
    Yeah I've learned my lesson, thanks dude LOL. The video works already though right? I thought you had to wait 24 hours before it's active. . .
    Ok, I've finally sent them. I wrote some other stuff in the Message so that's why I took longer than I said I would > . >U but when you get the chance, watch them.
    I guess I'll be a little while longer. The SD is acting Gey. But, I don't think it'll be much longer.
    Well, the SD I was gonna use had some problems so I'm using another one I had Lying around. Give me a couple of Minutes while I copy them and when I'm done and have send you the E-mail, I'll reply here again.
    K I guess. There's not much to be discussed in the Kirby board. I think I'll head over the D boards. When I get Bored I guess.
    Yo've Been Lost Dude. Why don't you goez to the Kirby BOardZ? D3 has a lot in common with Kirby. I don't know, maybe something that's useful for Kirby could be useful for D3?
    I wanted to go to this tournament, test some things out, and then go to the Midwest Circuit Event (this coming week) before I post up my final version. I needed to test some things out on certain characters. It's coming! I swear!
    Hey, if your not gonna sig it, tell me so I could. So, whats it gonna be? *stares deeply to try to get an answer*

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