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  • It's not that I care about what others think, but that I have no faith in my own skills to really fulfill anything . . . . .

    Also when shall you be able to play? You said you will be in an offline tourney all weekend right?
    I won't be hurt if I lose my last life like this . . .besides I enjoy making up stories.

    I just wish I could be an author, but what is the point of chasing dreams when you have nothing special to offer to the world
    Well if i thought that our location difference would some how impact your ability to work with me, do you think I would have brought it up?

    do you have aim, we can talk more/better that way
    Thanks for being on-board. I'm just finishing up my work for tonight (It's nearly midnight, which isn't particularly late for me) and I've got a bit of a head start for tomorrow. I might be able to talk my parents into letting me play Wii tomorrow night, but don't count on it... ;)
    Hmm... I'm not trying to put this off, but I've got an ***-load of stuff to do right now. Like I've told many other people, I might be able to play Thursday, and I can almost guarantee I'll be able to play Friday. But right now, I've just got too much on my plate.

    Usually, I wouldn't have this trouble. I signed up in so many tourneys over winter break thinking (knowing) I'd be free, but for the past few weeks, I've been in homework hell.

    you kind of confused/lost me with that last comment. do you have aim? that might help facilitate this conversation lol
    I am always looking for business partners if you are interested in making some extra money tho... And that would greatly increase my odds of traveling there again in the future. lol.
    sorry no We're leaving now shoulda said something earlier.

    sorry about that...... :(
    dang, im pretty sure that Its gonna be a while, the last time I did was kind of a one time thing. I was a big training event for the company I work with, and they change the location every 4 months, im actually going to another one next week, but thats in new orleans.

    I doubt ill be visiting cali on my own time any time soon but for what its worth, ill be in las vegas i think in like early fall this year.
    why do you ask?
    I know how crappy Zelda is don't worry :laugh:

    I just do best with her. Better than I am with any high tier (and I've tried a lot of them). If you noticed, I did better with her than I did with any other character against you.

    *shrugs* I guess that's just how I roll.
    Season Zero? I've seen a few episodes of it before, and I read some of the manga. It's really interesting. Though I couldn't find all the episodes online.

    And as to my main, I have Zelda. She happens to be the only one I managed to bring you to one stock with XD. So yeah, she's my best. Unfortunately the Zelda guide is still in progress, so there's not much for me to research on her :(
    Blankvi works for me. He's attacking Zen from the inside now, so its cool. You or someone just has to finish off KirbyWizard. Zero. Pink can handle them as well. That just leaves Ramen if everyone play their match.
    I lurves me the first series. I want to watch it in Japanese though. That's the only series I haven't seen in Japanese. I've wanted to look it up on Youtube, but I've just been tooo lazy XD.

    Also, you have any advice for me? After that horrific defeat, I desperately need to improve.
    Yeah. I had some fun. It was also a good learning experience for me. I'll try to do better next time.

    lolwut? Yugioh? You're serious?
    Zen got an additional replacement member and we lost one due to a DQ for Paladin. <_<

    Time to do something.
    Told ya I'm not that good. Coupling that with the fact that I have ZERO D3 experience, I was pretty much dead from the start. Good games man. I tried XD
    Also note that Jungle Man seems to be inactive, and did not respond in time of my VM message so he shall be DQ from the tourney
    Instead of fighting you Blankvi decided to just forfeit the match, and lose a life.

    Also sorry about having to hold off the Tea Party I have been very busy the past few days.
    I will VM him to not ignore your challenge, if this continues I shall remove a life from Blankvi, thanks for telling me this.
    wait, TODAY, meaning in 20 minutes? or tomorrow?! haha im glad i went on smashboards just now. if you wanna play now im pretyt sure i could play, haha my friends are here so they'll get to watch
    yeap, so thursday at 6? i can play. i'm in pacific time zone as well

    you said tomorrow (wednesday) and i'm not available tomorrow haha.
    Since I already know you'll win, I decline. We played 2 sets already and I'd like to lose a life to someone other than you, lol.
    "~Players must at least play one match if an opponent challenges, one match per opponent at least. . ."

    You have challenged him before, yes?
    Hey cBeef!! Yeah, it has been awhile. How the heck are you? Its good to hear Reo's coming back ^_^
    It went like this.

    MK vs Wario, even match if I didn't SD at 30%, but I lost due to being a stock behind the whole match.
    MK vs Snake, I went to my home stage Luigi's Mansion. Then I won.
    MK vs Snake frigate, I'd say even, but again I lost.
    I went to CP my stage and Ramen went Dedede. So... yeah. Chain Grabs. lol

    I think that Pink Fresh should attempt fighting him.
    Hey man, I'm trying to get all my smashboard buddies back ever since I closed down my website, if you remember it lol. Since I made it not too long ago, there will only be a few ppl It'd be cool if you could spread it around to your friends on smashboards too! XD Here it is buddy http://xat.com/AeonsBrawl
    You can attack regardless of my orders/approval as long as its not on the Sacred Realm. If you see a strike from them, then its time for action against them.
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