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  • ok I'll send it but for some reason it still hasn't registered you

    Are you sure you have my FC on right?

    I have yours already inputted and I double checked if it's correct.
    if u want to utilt, don't shield

    if u want to shield, just hold shield while waiting for them to mash out, shield will come out before anything, footstools wont effect u, and u can jump out of ur shield--> bair if they're close
    I'm not attracted to white girls much, but everyone here says they are so **** hot too haha..... X especially he is SUCH A PLAYER hahahaha.
    I can maybe come down in June-July man! I'm trying to plan a trip, just gotta save money and work a lot.
    Haha mate I'm not related by blood. He's just a really really good friend of mine, and a sort of mentor for me in the Smash world. Melee and Brawl.
    I have been texting him all the time since he's been down there lol! that's crazy you guys met up so much and were so close.
    That's awesome haha!
    Yeah...I don't kknow who'll win out of the 2 of u but i think u got those wii points reserved. lol i know
    I just have a lot on my plate. Sorry about that. Not a specific time kind of guy. I can honestly play if you can wait 30 more minutes.
    I'm not quite there yet. >_________________>

    Why do you want to destroy me so bad??????
    i wud also request we have some extra matches after u beat me. Im rusty as hell. My warios doing better than my olimar on wifi for godsakes!
    hey dude, i dont know what happened either, im sorry we didnt get the chance to talk sooner.

    And im sorry you feel that way, but based on your circumstance, I understand your decision. and if thats what you decide, im fine with that. I hope school goes well for you, and that the class load doesnt overwhelm you.

    However I do need you to do three things for me.

    1. Keep this oppurtunity in mind. If you decide later on that you are in a better, more favorable position to make this work, get in contact with me and take another look at the business.
    2. If you could help me out and need to save some money on the stuff that I have, let me know. (you probably dont pay the bills in your house just yet but run it by them) when you upgrade your cell phone, talk to me first, because i got the hook-up
    3. If you know or run into anybody that is looking to make some extra money, give them my number and have them get in contact with me. 585-269-8444
    well, my arm is still really weak but it's nice to be able to take showers without a bag over my arm.

    Do you wanna have a friendly match some time?
    Oh, and how did the tournament turn out?
    Commander_Beef, today is your last day to get your Round 2 matches done. Your opponent is gunmaster lombardi.
    I have no idea why I picked Luigi but I did better with him then with Olimar >_>

    Well I gotta eat so see ya later :3
    Yeah well good luck in any other tourneys you have entered :3

    When you picked Green Greens that brought back some painful memories
    I have no idea what the heck happened to the ground on Delfino XD

    Match Two Luigi vs D3 was to scary @___@

    I thought for sure you were going to infinite grab me like Bunny does
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