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  • lolz, got that right. OTL is the only place I post in. If I took a more active role in the Zelda Boards, I'd have much more posts, but I don't since I don't have much to contribute XD.

    If I keep up the spam, I'll have 2000 posts by the summer :bigthumbu
    lol well everything is done budz! just send the wii points when ever your ready! ^_^

    thanks a ton!
    how do i find the wii number??? my douche brother iz refusing to tell me... sorry. >.<
    Oh and Ramen doesn't need online practice, he goes to and places high in offline tournies here in FL. I wanna meet him one of these days.
    Honestly, it wasn't much of a victory as I had just gotten beat by him in TWO tourney matches. I'm not on par with him (not yet), but that match did give me the confidence boost I needed to keep practicing.

    It must have been Cubone who pranked me then...

    Ok ok I'll admit it...Dr. P was me. I was just trying to be funny XD. Good Job beating my GW and Ness. Once upon a time they used to be some of my best chars (long before I joined swf.

    Guess I need waaaaaay more practice.
    Yeah I've been evaluating my Sheik lately and have decided that I have enough potential with her to keep her with Zelda.

    The main reason is that it will be easier to handle Zelda's more difficult mus like MK, GW, and Peach.

    And what's different about using Sheik and not another char is that I can still fall back on Zel if I need to midmatch.

    Though in tourney matches I'm only using them. Friendlies I'll use others, but in tourney it's all Zelda/Sheik.
    Yup :)

    I noticed I was going through a major identity crisis: changing my styles, my characters, and my personification. So I just decided to go back to the way I was when I first joined: A Yugioh freak that's obsessed with Zelda.

    I'm just going to main Zelda and that's it from now on. I realize that it's not a very smart move considering how bad Zelda is, but I really don't care. I'm through with using all kinds of other characters and not progressing with my Zelda like I want to. My Zelda was failing because I used her so little, and so I've decided to use only Zelda from now on.

    Of course, I'll be using other characters in friendlies and what not. But in tournies and important matches, I'm just going to use Zelda.

    And maybe Sheik too, I haven't decided yet. I have potential with her, so I think having her in my corner would be helpful for some of Zelda's more disadvantageous matchups (MK being a prime example).
    I just realized... I still have to fight you for WOTS. It was due on the 10th, but Pally hasn't updated the OP so we still have time. Tonight, if we can... let me know.
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