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  • Daaaaamn 4 seconds left? XD Dontcha just love those kinds of missions, where you're about to lose and you win by a few seconds? Gets your blood pumping!

    So does that mean you're HR31? Cuz plates are easier to get in high-rank missions!
    Sadly man, it's like 1am here, and I've been tired since like 1pm. So, I'm gonna go to sleep for now. Maybe tomorrow if you online? Leave me a visitor message when you're ready to want to go Los hunting and I'll help you out no problem.
    HAI :kirby:

    OTL is coolio. I got a bye in a match against you once though since you weren't here to play it.

    And I quit OTL shortly after lol.
    Oh well, uhh. name the gate and I'll drive by.

    I'm HR80, we can solo a Los us two alone. Buuut, choose a place with nice amounts of people!
    It's "Kewk", I don't know why I didn't make it "Kewkky" but it's far too late now.

    Once you make it there, type "Kewk!" in the chat window, and I'll make a room somewhere.
    hope you're still online

    YES let's gooooooo

    I'll be in Open, Valor1, City Gate 10... Tell me when you're there. And if you have msn messenger/AIM/whatever, add me so that we can talk cuz I don't have an USB keyboard... :(
    we have a match for terans (knubs hijacked it) tournament... you up for it or are u still taking your break?
    I just read you VM message. That explains everything. I was wondering where you were at. Well, I hop your having funz anywayz.
    To those of whom it may concern:

    I will be taking a hiatus from Smash for a while to help rejuvenate my interest. Lately I just haven't had the need to play, and so I will be taking a break from Smash altogether. I will most likely be back to the game in a few months, though I will be checking this page for messages, etc.

    -Tater Out.
    No. I am not improving at all, not now, not ever.

    As for you stop trying to roll behind me and for most aproaches. There is another repetitive habit that also needs to be fix...... I'm one to talk lol.

    Yeah, I tried to SDI out of your jab but the platform started raising and I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" GGs
    The music is Polyhanna or something like that, from the Smash Bros. series. I just got it off of some website. Oh, and I'm answering here because I don't check my Youtube videos no more.
    About that. I take it Jbandit hasn't told you about it. He and mcmuffinman (his original opponent) got their match done yesterday, so the need for a replacement wasn't required.

    However, I might need you for another match. I'm gonna go ahead and peek at the remaining matches and see who you can fight today. I believe there are two matches left...I'll see what I can do to get you in.
    Heya as Aibou said we have a match let me know when we can do our match. Im not busy today or tomorrow i think so just let me know when :3 Im usually on Q's xat.
    lol, yeah, i rly like panda Lucario. Well, my bro has been usin that color ever since he started using Lucario. And rly? i get to b in it? thanks man.
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