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  • Haven't gotten B/W yet since I was in Russia over spring break.


    HOLY **** HOLY **** HOLY ****.
    Pokemon VGC rules released. Guess where the nearest event is. CHANTILLY, VA!!! Only like 30 minutes away! Also it's on June 11th, after all my important school tests are done! I might actually be able to go this year. I'm going to need to get B/W this weekend and start playing like crazy.
    I finished White. (failed the Nuzlocke run, but I kept going so my next run wouldn't be completely blind).


    also: Afrobull, Emonga, Muraando and Shinpora are all SoBs.
    more also: THE E4 ARE ACTUALLY HARD. not cuz they're all that great, but cuz they all get 1-2 RIDIC pokemon who just sweeps you. (shanderaa, conkeldurr, Bisharp, Shinpora)
    New skin!

    Also, on a whim, I searched "wild Ratatta appeared" on google images and got some hilarious and random results. Such as:


    Try it!
    Of course I've seen it. I first saw it when it had only 8 million views lol.

    Where in Georgia? I've been to Atlanta and Savannah and loved both cities (especially the latter).
    Yeah it's pretty damn bad. I love MC generic (as I call him) too.

    "I look at the time" {checks watch} "see it's friday..." Wait a minute, how the **** do you figure out the day by looking at a watch?

    "School bus in front of me" Wait, it's night-time, why is there a school bus in front of you?

    But actually MC generic is the head of the record label that does that stuff. It's an independent record label that accepts large sums of money from rich parents who want their daughters to be in a music video. MC generic then writes the verses and directs the video, also taking the time to insert one of his useless verses in it.
    Yeah. Ironically, now he's banned because that's an alt account. Rumor has it that senators are debating whether or not to unban it.
    Black Ops just got really good promotion and Call of Duty games just have a reputation. I actually might get it because I haven't gotten a video game for a while and I've never had any of the COD games.
    Yeah your mom told us about the bike ride for some reason lol. And I might try the emulators but I think I'll probably just buy the games.

    Also Call of Duty: Black Ops has now passed Wii Play as the best selling game ever. http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/npd-video-game-sales-up-3-pct-in-february/

    And the *******s that make the pokemon vgc haven't released the rules yet despite the game having come out in every country that competes... **** that. There's almost no way I will have time to prepare.
    Meh screw my computer and its awful graphics/processor combo.

    Anyways, I'm taking the SAT tomorrow (Saturday) morning; wish me luck.
    Lolz. All that means in standard nuzlocke is that you have to grind more!

    Anyways congrats on the win and all that.
    Good luck, dude. Got your comp back?

    (Also, a Nuzlocke run sounds fun. I might try the "ultimate difficulty" version I made up.)
    Yeah, haha, I've seen fried or fertilized.

    Also yeah that's disturbing... prolly not more than the evil laughing, but still.
    No, busy tonight. And as it turns out, I also can't play tomorrow night. So, maybe saturday or sunday?
    Ok, 8:30 tomorrow sounds good. Picture didn't show up but I'm guessing your username is the same as your SWF username?

    EDIT: Now the picture works.
    Ahhhh, gotcha. I'll use my NU team on you, although my team is mainly geared for the major NU threats.
    Ok. I'll play you sometime. First I'll have to make a UU team -- UU is my worst format and I don't pay attention to its metagame -- but I can help you out.
    Hahah, that was funny.

    Probably the best comment on his videos I've seen is the one on his "Microsoft Sam" video telling him to stop making videos and go play outside.

    Lol, I almost feel bad for the kid; he's going to take a lot of **** for those videos in a few years.
    Yeah. "Why norton antivirus sucks" was posted 2 days before "Norton Antivirus 2009". Apparently the God of Norton visited him in his sleep and completely changed his mind in those 2 days.

    Also I love how his mom is always wandering around in the background.
    Lol. It's probably that kid from the vids I showed you earlier.

    Speaking of which, FCPS must not have been using "the best antivirus system on the market", Norton Antivirus 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y9KCXlmbTY

    PS, it's going to be sold out soon. Not sure when, maybe 2009.

    This kid is a riot. :lick:
    "Psychotherapy"? Weird.

    Whatevs, dude. We'll work something out another time. Sorry this always happens lol. :/
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