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  • been gone for a **** of a long time
    but been good.

    playing lots of LoL and minecraft, but still following MYM. lost my zeal for set making (although i still have some ideas from time to time) after the epic fail with commander. but w/e

    what's new with you?
    Hey MDA, how's Shiribudon coming along? I heard there's a 5th gen pokeset movement coming soon, so now would be a perfect time to finish him!
    yo have you had a chance to review the set I posted in the group?

    I've been waiting for a response from you or Kat...
    nah nah. but I'll inv you to the group I made. want to keep this set a secret for now. kat's been invited, but hasn't responded to the set yet.

    just need some input before I submit this one, then I/we will get started on other ones...
    yo. sent this to kat and forgot to give it to you... My brain is totally dead, what with school and all.

    ok. so my list is dead. I've forgotten what most of my notes and jotting mean.

    BUT! There is one series of sets still fresh in my memory. the concept is the "Eraser Knight."

    did you ever (in elementary/middle school) envision epic battle sequences with an eraser/gluestick wielding a pencil/pen? Too bad. I did. that's the idea.

    Originally, Eraser knight was gonna be a single combo-oriented character set, but I realized there was too much I wanted to incorporate into him. So I've begun breaking him into other more gimmicky sets (with a back story behind all of them!) labeled "eraser knight v.1," "eraser knight v.2," ect.

    Each of them has their own mechaninc, and their own play style... for instance I'm drafting the idea for one with a "delayed knockback mechanic." what do you think?

    I can PM you the details if you want to help. *please respond!*
    omg........... just got my comp back.

    i WILL make a list of MYM sets I have in my closet...
    so many... I'll PM you when it's ready. without my comp, I didn't have the motivation (or method) to do it.

    I'll give you the character name, and what type of mechanic/playstyle he/she/it/potato will have... most of them have complete movesets, but it'll be too hard to cover all the moves in just a PM.
    *this is gong to kat too*
    It sounds...kind of underpowered. My vision of Facilier doesn't have that many killing moves in mind, so the time would be extended. I was thinking more along the lines of that he's unable to damage the enemy before he 'makes a deal' with them.

    What I was thinking for the death scene was that he would have a Tailsman move that, if it worked, would allow him to transform whoever it hits. If he is hit when he uses it, however, it would break and the Friends on the Other Side would drag him off.
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