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  • holy crap. how do i have these premonitions? i havent been on swf for months! like... at least 5 of em. just randomly thought: hey! i oughtta go check up on my ole pals. just days after you posted. good to hear from you dood! though i dont expect to hang around much longer. brawl lost the appeal ( still pkay from time to time tho) and im doing alot more comp. gaming. You ever heard of "league of legends"? if not (or if so) you gotta join. free, fun, and getting HUGE off the hype of DotA. hit me up there (same user name as here, and i might take a while to respond, since im on a hiatus for now.) and on skype (also same name). i wanna hear from you, even if i do leave swf. cya round man. hope things are looking up!
    me neither. I barely get a chance to play Brawl anymore. Only char I'm good with anymore is Kirby... and his learning curve is easy as crap, so it's really not much of an accomplishment... >.<

    been doing alot of other things recently (LoL, DQix, homework, etc.)
    Yeah, they were laggy, unfortunately. Heheh, yeah, I've grown to like the Diddy matchup. I've really improved on that matchup and I like to play around with the bananas. :laugh: Nah, I'm not pro I'm just above average if anything. I was a wee bit rusty too. I haven't played in like 3 days. xD

    Sorry about the grabby IC's. I was just trying to practice thier CG. Good games! :bee:
    Ooooh, mmmm, I was just about to shower... I miiight be able to go online in about half an hour. I'll copy your FC and enter it in as sooon as I can.
    Haha you think too highly of me. I don't play much now days, I mostly just hang around the forum now.

    And Tom would be correct with that thread. It used to be the New New Members Fight Arena, but they changed it.
    Cool cool. At least give a warning next time. People were hyped for that tourney you were gonna do.
    Haha I wouldn't forget you that easily. Welcome back. What was with the random abandoning everything? The dots were because you just left all randomly.

    got that started, I see. I noticed Sonic Storm is having the same trouble as me. Are you sure your FC is correct?

    EDIT: check your sig, man. DSMN is over!
    I added you....and your FC is still shown. Does not say you have registered me, or got online, etc.

    We'll just so it tomorrow, we have until the 7th ^_^;
    K then.

    Only three stages to strike for neutrals. I strike Battlefield. And counterpick Pictochat.
    Don't forget, brah!

    Is everything OK? haven't heard from you recently...

    EDIT: you're back! good to know you didn't leave us!
    Paladin are you still going through with any of your tournaments?
    If not vm Glyph to get them lock or just tell me which ones and I'll do it. You're cool bro, but try to focus on what's in front of you first.
    Hey, I registered your new code, but it hasn't taken yet... Have you re-registered me? It's so lonely on wifi...
    Paladin. Is Don't Stop me now over now that me and Zen did our match?
    I need results.
    Cool. We might add some variation to the order/type of battles in later versions, but eliminating the CPU matches will make it more appealing in the long run. It would have been fun, but you do what you gotta do. I'll try to update the group later tonight to include these changes, but I gotta do some homework now.
    Will you/we ever resurrect BrawlRPG? Maybe we'd change the style... but do you think it'll ever happen?
    so about your last question about who to secondary.... I dunno.

    I personally hate fighting Marth, Lucario, Olimar, Diddy, and I inexplicably lose to most of the Ness players I face. MK and Snake are a given.

    I don't have any serious secondaries though. Fox, Ike, and Toon Link are my closest to legit seconds, but I'm not good enough with them to consider actually using them in tournies.
    Crap. About 5 minutes after I posted that, thinking I could play... my dad commandeered the basement (Wii) TV. I'll probly be free tomorrow evening... sorry for the confusion.
    If you see this, I'll play some friendlies any time before midnight EST (too lazy to convert for the likes of you Cali's).
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