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  • Yeah that's understandable.
    I look at it the way scar does

    "Why say I'm retiring, and then show up at the next national and have everyone wonder? I think I'll just take it slow and just roll with it."

    I mean if you wanna retire that's obviously up to you
    I'm just saying you don't have to to get the same effect :p
    Ah, why? What's up man?
    Lol I know this is kind of random but I mean if you wanna talk about it we can totally talk about it.
    Okay so basically I had it right
    I was jw

    I figured it was to bait a grab/punishable OoS option that you could then

    But thanks man. Are you going to Apex?
    Hey Hugs, I was just wondering if I could ask you a quick question

    That whole jab->spotdodge shield pressure you do
    I was playing Samus randomly and tried to do i myself but obviously that was a lot harder than I had originally anticipated.

    So basically it's just a question of how you in particular are doing it
    Are you pressing
    Or doing something else?

    Sorry this was really random I was just curious
    Hey dude, good **** playing you.

    Sadly I only got to play one set with you, but I'm glad I GOT to play with you, you know? lol.
    Hey, you sent this a week ago and I meant to respond, but then... forgot, lol.

    Anyhow, thanks Hugo :p I'll try and get on AIM more.
    Haha well I'm up in Berkeley so you probably see him way more than I do. If you just get him to play with your crew I'm sure he'd be totally down.
    HugS, you're a cool dude. Very well spoken and very smart about Samus play. Thanks again!

    Also, you know Aseem right? I remember him asking you for advice against Ganon because I was his neighbor down the street that kept beating him. Haha.
    Haha thank you. Socal, I see. Well I'd like to go there but I live in PA right now haha. If something big happens there then I hopefully would go. (like maybe a road trip or a plane trip haha) If so than I'd let you know to make sure I play you haha.
    wow I'm gonna quote you haha:

    LoL top players quit because of **** like this. They start feeling like they are expected to do things.

    When they don't, they gotta hear about it. When they do, well, it's expected, so no one really cares.

    You can only deal with a "lose/lose" situation for so long before you stop caring.[/quote

    ok I think I know how that might be... It's like school. You get bad grades, your parents scold you for not acheiving the best grade possible with your talents. If you get good grades (either A's and B's, or all A's) then it's expected, so you don't REALLY get praised at all. Wow, I never looked at it like that.

    Also, at Apex, I saw this guy with the badge "Hyugo" and thought it might have been you cuz I was looking from a bit far away loool. It'd be nice to play you anyway. : D
    oh WOW that sucks >_< oh well. Hopefully I'll get to see you at good **** german this summer
    I was just wondering because I have a lot of ideas that work then I add more in because when I have no one to play I play in my head basically and you need massive mindgames to win as pichu and I thought you were amazing at them so I wanted to ask you.

    But I do both.
    When you play melee samus do you mess with people's heads n the fly or are they mostly tricks you've done before? love your samus in melee to good
    Hey, random question. But, do you know of any upcoming Cali tourneys in the next few months?
    hey man. ive looked ALL over but can you help me find Nocals brawl PR thread? Or can you at least tell me who is thier best playe and his main?
    hey hugs.
    do you think there is room in the metagame for a samus that plays other than mostly defensive like yours, or would you think theres a possiblity for a new style?
    how do i stop bein a smash rookie? i played you, you know im the goods!!! lol
    Alright, thanks. We might not end up staying on Sunday, because I just found out one of the people coming has work monday morning so we might drive back through the night.
    So... cause you didn't respond in the tourney thread, and we have like 2 days before we leave, and need to get plans finallized. We are planning on spending friday-monday in CA for active gamers. Can we sleep at the house in the tourney OP friday, saturday, and sunday night? And what's the address for it?
    You are not better than me, Nor are you worse than me. You do a certain style, I do a certain style. That is all.
    hahaha ok

    I tried calling larry right after you guys left to tell you, if you wanted to come back for em, but he didn't answer (or I have the wrong number).

    I'll guard your melee, though.
    I ate your pizza and your wings.

    Then I got banned for it, but it was worth it.
    Those wings were **** good.
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