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  • Yo, let me know what you think about for stages on Samus v Puff. Where would you want to bring puff and what would you ban? tbh I think dl64 benefits samus more cause she doesn't kill off the top anyways.
    So, from looking at Gamclucks site I see a smash tourney on May 7th. Is that what you're talking about or is there something that I didn't see going on May 5th?
    Oh **** I thought eggz would tell everyone. I can no longer come out because my job is not doing training in Seattle anymore.
    Like you even have to ask =P

    YES. Actually? Man, that's awesome! That tourny is gonna be so **** now. n____n


    YO. That BC tourney is our chance to MM. Peach vs Samus oh man, so intense and exciting!
    haha yeah man.

    Start saving lol, next summer i'll host cast5. Be there >8(

    I just gotta see when genesis 2 is. >_>

    I go to the UW, so after the Oasis tournament Zel told me I should ask you about Smash on Fridays. What goes down, and can I get in on it?
    For Oasis Brackit you shoul make it so ppl from the same crew doent have to play each other first round and then have to play another person from there crew in losers brackit that would be gay. This is what they do at gameclucks
    CHEA CHEA!!! D2! Thing is I just moved to my dads place and (yes, i am very lazy) that would involve installing D2 on my dads computer OR setting up my computer. I got a lv 80-something Bow-zon I could rush us with. Lemme get on that and get back to you when I'm done....

    get msn if u don't allready...

    lol yeah i know but i was messing around with her and she actually seemed liek a cool character
    so i just kinda wanted to learn some **** with her
    Hell yeah son!

    I'll be coming to Washington this summer. It'll be fun playing again, since I'm sure the two of us have improved a lot. =3
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