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  • Haha, I could imagine some cheesy motivational music playing in the background to that. I wish I could be that motivated when I play a middle ground character, I see everything largely black and white.

    Are you still playing Melee? Just picking up Smash as a whole again or what, because I know you only took up Brawl a few months ago, but then I saw you against Mang0's Falco and people were talking as if you were coming back to the scene.
    So you're saying ROB can handle even MK? Or am I overestimating the difficult of that matchup, because I see it as at least 70:30.
    Hmm, that's interesting that you don't stereotype yourself to a playstyle.

    Just one more quick question I was going to ask, where do you see ROB in terms of the tier list? I don't think he'll work well in the tournament scene simply because of MK, but how is he overall in comparison to the rest of the cast.
    HugS, I've been hearing a lot of your ROB. Normally I'd come to expect this simply because of your skill as a player, but I've heard multiple mentions of you playing ROB "the way he's meant to be played". I was just wondering if you could outline what is different. I understand there'll be little nuances but is it a whole new form of playstyle e.g. MaXXXpower?
    I don't think Razer MM'ed DSF. Or Infinity :/.

    And MikeHaze beat DMG in Marth dittos in tournament. DMG doesn't even play marth lol. He beat him in losers with Wario. I'll give you that Tyrant beat Roy though.

    Also, we have players in our rankings that take sets from higher ones pretty often so it's hard to say :/. Both of our Diddy players are amazing, I would of liked to see them play tyrant.

    Hopefully I can get texas's top 10 to cali so we can crew battle :p. Though we have way more then 10 good players I doubt I can get more then that to go haha.
    I should of worked out the details for that bet! haha. I would of won considering both Tyrant and DSF got 3-0'ed by Dojo :p. And DSF got 2-0'ed by Dojo again in a MM.

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