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  • Hey Wretched do you use Skype or anything?
    I have never used anything of the sort ]: perhaps when I get my own computer though, which should be soon.
    good, I'm glad you're listening. keep mulling over what I say and keep on adjusting as needed. you'll do well.
    Falcon shouldn't get a grab without stopping you from moving first. Keep moving and shooting.

    Marth and Sheik shouldn't get you still unless they PS you first or trick you another way. Sheik SH'ing is something you should be prepared for.

    Don't shield at neutral at all unless it's a bait.

    vs Falcon on plats, shoot lasers low sometimes high, FH/DJ trick and falling laser or rising/falling Bair. sometimes shine if you see him moving and get a good read. trick him into thinking youre jumping then utilt/bair him. standard offense vs defense stuff. don't be afraid to platform vs him either.

    if marth spaces well on you then just act after his swing unless he's smart and feints into grab sometimes. then just try not to hold shield too much.

    falcon spacing you either wait for gentleman or gtfo asap too.

    avoid shielding if at all possible and instead try to counter with utilt or bair or laser or nair out or fh away if they get close. shield sucks lol.

    don't follow up on sheik, just get away. rolling away or WD'ing oos away is fine esp if you do it early so they can't chase and you have time to set up a laser. just don't overdo it.

    vs fox, set up lasers to hit his landing spots and otherwise bair/utilt to beat his approaches so he has to respect your moves. when the pace is slowed you get to chase him then usually.
    how long will you be gone for
    and write to me everyday xoxo
    nothing friend. how is almost navy
    Yeah man for sure haha. This week isn't going to work because I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving, so the week after might be the soonest time we can do it. I'm looking forward to it.
    depends on how you use it. that's all i can really say. if she doesn't punish your lag then you're safe but the moves and WDs themselves are pretty hard for samus to punish without a read.

    WD back is good because samus won't come into you and can only poke

    grab is okay but it doesn't get you a lot and you probably made it obvious and grabbed from too far away. gotta hide your intentions with acting like you wanna grab and attack or some other trick.
    space on samus' shield, she has to WD back and then you get free stage. she has no shield grab.

    WD ftilt is beaten by keeping lasers/strong moves out so she can't come in with it and then picking your approach spots well so ftilt will either lose to her move or she'll have to shield(your spaced move hopefully)
    thank you for texting me today and making me come back to this...wretched place.
    My hair is way too wavy and full of volume and bounce to get like yours with such ease.
    Well I just have to give it lots of attention, and every time after I wash it I use a hair relaxer and argain oil based hair serum to protect it as well as keep it chilled out.

    Straightening it really makes it super easy to manage but it's not that important and sometimes I want a wilder look so I don't do it.

    Basically have to take mega good care of it because if it even gets a bit damaged **** goes awry.
    Why thank you.

    It's hard to manage though so it comes at a price, see I'd kinda like hair like yours that doesn't go all nuts on me.

    I've done some emoish looking stuff with it before for funsies, but right now I'm growing 90s wrestler long straight locks.
    A bad hair day for me is when my hair doesn't obey, but it never actually looks bad.
    I was planning on changing my avatar a few days ago and forgot. You just reminded me! Please update your avatar to correspond with my new one!
    don't worry, I'm only moderating the room I bought you into.
    and by moderating I mean do nothing cause all I really do is vote on TotM
    Yes, I have.

    I chalked it up to you being a disingenuous ***hole rather than having a condition, but hey now that I know I guess I understand and it's okay.
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