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  • Hey Sizzle, did I just play you in Smash 4?
    I played against somebody from the US with username Sizzle, who played a fun Jiggs against my black kirby.
    If it was you, thanks for the hilarious games!
    We need to play
    My Falco is looking mad kawaii after getting that tournament experience.
    Welcome to the Temp Debaters user group. Please read the Forum Rules and happy debating!
    Oh, you know. Looking for work and whatnot. Nothing too interesting. Just living life and getting by.
    hey man, i'm a smasher from NY going to Genesis who's looking to make a white/pink falcon controller and helmet. i saw alot of your posts in the spraypainting thread so i figured i'd consult you for help. i was wondering why there are different colors of primer, and a few other things. please AIM me at "zerohax" when you can =)
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