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  • We'll probably stay up really late because Duke is about 3 hours from your house. Since Dukes always start late, we'll probably leave by 8-9am.
    damn that sucks =/ will u be wantin to go to bed early? cuz im down to play until whenever o'clock lol
    yeah its all good =] and I'll def pay you back dude, even if I don't win money at duke (which would suck =[), I always pay back my debts. i'll get you eventually haha =]
    gahh x.x we'll help for gas ofc, but im pretty broke (ive only got $20, and I need some for the tournament lol). I'll try and get money there to pay u back if I can =p and if u got my message on FB, my friend wants to go so thats more money for gas. besides that...sry =/ but u were plannin on comin over here spring break anyway right? lol at least this way u have 2 people helping u with gas to get here =p
    yeah thats fine dude. sounds good =] and haha we'll have to go into hardcore training on fri night then
    lol i hardly used smashboards before brawl came out so not as much as you think =p
    I played an awesome friendly set with Kadaj, RocketPSIence recorded it but he hasn't uploaded it yet :(
    I'm too poor. One $10 tourney is two $5 tourneys. Plus I already had to pay the venue fee and gas.
    I wasn't trying to complain. Just giving you some Pika advice that I recently figured out :)
    I can't believe how much I've learned since this set was played. Mainly, I should've been using uair (instead of nair and fair) a ton more because of its range, especially against Marth and ROB (uair is the only aerial Pika has that consistently beats ROB's nair).

    Thanks for uploading!
    Hey Dublio what is your FC so I can send you the videos from Game Reapers. Or your phone number so I can text you later about them.
    D: D: D:

    Mannnnn. I was like, yeahh I don't think they are gonna come get me lol. How about G6?
    oh yeah i remember you now! i don't feel much different haha. its just now i'm a bit better. :)
    Still haven't switched to Meta Knight.

    Then again, I mostly switched to Melee and fighting games. Smash will always be where my heart is though. Btw, I was with Black Mantis yesterday when he was AIMing you. -_-

    I heard Bill moved to, like, Nevada or something, and Vilt plays only fighting games now, and... idk about Behr.
    How could I possibly forget you? I still look back fondly on that one time we stayed up throughout the night playing a 64-man bracket of Brawl+ on tournament mode with every single entry as some variation of Vilt. lol
    I never play like that in friendlies, I don't take them seriously enough. But in tournament, I would camp or plank or whatever if I thought it was the best strategy. Tjolts were working, so I just kept using them.

    Plus I think playing slower and cautiously makes the game more intellectual, which is good for me because I'm not that good with fast reflexes or button mashing.

    I like talking on here, but if you want to talk on AIM, PM me. EDIT: Or get on fsmash.org.
    Thanks for posting these.

    BTW, the matches against Stockfield were tourney too. EDIT: As was the one with Shady, so you don't have to say "I think" :)
    He said I have the potential to be "pretty good", that's faint praise lol...

    I use a lot of characters (badly lol). Lately my Ganondorf has been doing pretty well lately. I used to main Falco but I suck with him now.*Plus G&W/MK/Mario. And random other ones.
    That's awesome dude. And I am definitely down to play tomorrow. Just whenever you want to get me.
    Well the weird thing is that I don't usually practice. Not saying saying I never do because sometimes I do go into training mode and work on spacing or something useful that I saw in a video. Which brings me to my main form of "practice" what I like to do is watch videos of people better than me. Like for Snake, I watch Ally, Fatal, MVD etc. From videos is what I have learned the most.

    When watching them I see what the player does in whatever position he is in., whether it be good or bad. Like that if I am ever in a similar or same position I know what to do or not to do. Now with ROB it was different because there aren't many ROB videos out there of good people. So with him I just constantly looked at my own recordings from my wii and also practiced in friendlies to see what worked and what didn't. But anytime i can watch Stingers play i do. And I have actually learned many tricks because of him. Of course if I ever have a question I ask either Shady or Kadaj for Snake and Stingers for ROB.

    I have slao looked at the frame data for both characters in their character boards.

    So yeah that's what I did/do. I do have a kid brother who plays with me sometimes and I also play with other friends too, to atleast get some human practice as well.

    I also constantly think of what I need to work on to improve and I switch my playstyles around to see what works in what situation or against a certain character.
    Yeah the main Reason I picked ROB was because there was only like 2 people who played him. It's cool to say that I'm the 2nd best ROB in the state though lol.

    Uhm as for rivals I have to say I don't really have a "rival" but I have those people that I want/need to overcome. And yes Duo is definitely one of those. Besides him, I want to be able to beat the top 4 in NC. The only one I have faced in tourney is Kadaj and I took him to 3rd game.
    I actually started out as a Peach/Falcon player. I did go through a few characters like: Diddy, Mario, Marth, Luigi and I finally stuck with Lucas for a while. I randomly picked ROB one day after going to a tourney and watching Stingers play and stuck with him ever since. Been since like Sept. Of 09. I actually picked up Snake earlier than that but dropped him, obviously I picked him back up lol and stuck with him. They too me are the 2 most Fun characters to use.

    I hate that there are so many ROB players lol.

    Random fun fact, at my very first tournament, which was at a anime convention in May of 09, I got taken out by a ROB player. That was when I mained Lucas.

    Sorry about the long response lol.
    Yeah hopefully I do well this Saturday, I know it's a lot of people but I think I can do it.

    Yeah the once month thing sucks man, but atleast you can come to things this summer. Recording would be awesome.
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