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  • Hey, I'm going around touching base with everyone in Pen and Sword, making sure that we're all still participating. If you are, good, if not, just lemme
    xD Hydra'ing is a whole new mafia experience. I only hydra with a few people like Sang/Zen/Gova because well I never tried hydra'ing with others and it working out. Though I have like an ungodly amount of alt accounts for hydra'ing.

    Like I'd love to hydra with like July sometime for the fun of it or Swords/Brosuke ya know?
    Haha well I wonder why you came my way with this conversation but I'll indulge it cuz I'm bored tonight. =P

    Basically what I see is that Ryker is a good player but lately he has lost that footing he had as a good player and lost the fire he used to have. Nowadays he takes on way too many games, is too distracted by other things to be considered at the top of his game. At the current time with what I have experienced from him in the past season of games I'd say he is a mid-tierish player at the moment where his town game is not that good because he hasn't been nailing scum like at all and his scum play is the only thing, for me, that has kept him floating but then again his scum-play is mechanical and his ability to stay alive is purely based on the players in that game in which he could outplay/use his charm to just be able to survive. If a game consisted of players such as EE/Kuzi/Swiss/Myself/Circus/Kataefi/Swords/Zen, he wouldn't be able to use that and outplay/charm maneuver and would be a little S.O.L. ^^"

    Haha sorry for the little blurb buuuuut yeah that's just my opinion. Bottom line, Ryker is a good player at mafia but at the current time it just doesn't seem like it due to the poor nature of his last few runs in games.
    um a few have been made, but really you just have to request it for it to get done, and im sure any pika one will be written by esam
    Don't troll.
    Will work on the argument, since i know much less than everyone else here when it comes to some of the stuff in the pfs.
    Thats pretty bad.
    I'm not hyper-religious, but i do support my faith. Thats why i don't get into theism vs atheism debates.
    Atheists just laugh .___.
    Also, kinda hard to post when everyone else has like, philosophy degrees and im one semester into college
    As i didn't finish reading yet>.<
    F U spoilers!!
    on a sidenote, i think you and i are the only Christians who post in the PGs.
    OS games are swingy. Relies on players to make 'connections' which are often BS. Keep the game clean. Then I'm in.
    I'd rather have it full of people I disagree with than agree with, but I do understand your frustration.
    Hey so the thread's gotten pretty damn hostile, but I still would like you to respond to my challenge? Just PM about it and we can discuss it privately.
    Wow I'm sorry... I swore I replied to it... Maybe it didn't send from site issues?

    But yea, basically I don't know what to say, sorry. I graduated from Drexel earlier this year in June, so I'm no longer there. Even though Smash was big in the 5 years I was there, it sort of grew smaller each year unfortunately. I started the DSO on my 2nd year, and by the 3rd I was having consistent biweekly events. But unfortunately by my final year, there was so little interest from actual Drexel students that I had to disband the DSO. There are still some players in the area, mainly those from the UFB crew + Vex + Atomsk, but that's it. There are smashfests, but not really any tournaments.
    Ah, true. Forgot about playstyle. But you know, you'd be surprised. If you know what the character is like already, it only takes five minutes to write a playstyle summary. I mean, that's the way it is for me.
    If you had to guess, when do you think the last set is going to actually be done? And also, I plan on posting Deviljho whenever you revise it; but no later than the 29th of October. I want to get it out before the halloween set rush.
    Nick, I don't think I'll be very helpful with Fefnir. xD You probably will be just as well off doing it yourself.
    Alright. I was just checking your plan for the sets. I was going to revise an old MYM3 set, but not until these four joint sets got done. Well, the three that are joint sets.
    It ends the tenth, you know. =\ You've got 3-4 days to either post what you have done, OR finish up and post. Either or.

    And the sets were joint work, which is why I'm itchy about it. =P Well, two of them.
    Are the sets gonna be done in time? Just wondering about your progress, considering how impending the end of MYM10 is and all.
    Haha Nich why are you so good at maths?

    I see what you mean though, its just that I'm trying to plough through it to meet deadlines. It's a shame though, a lot of the maths we are presented with we are told "you don't need to understand why the equation works, just make it work!" when I enjoy the maths side of it... But eh, too many things so little time :/
    Wow that's inspiring. I simply don't know enough about Mathematics to use axioms or that. The wikipedia example is really good though (our professor recommended we look at it haha).

    I've figured out the DF's boil down to how much of the load is distributed to either end of each support. In most case is is just 0.5 (unless the end is simply supported instead of fixed), and you can work this out quite easily with a table... though I don't quite grasp the mathematics behind the idea, we don't need to prove it so it's not an issue.

    And I'll try and be on aim more often so we can talk over TT (just can't atm because I've got all this stuff due next week). There was a lot of stuff I wanted to say but just didn't because it was kind of meh. I have skype too if you use that!
    Just letting you know, I am a little busy lately, but I still want to help with those other two sets I promised to help with.. xD Also, I've gotten an idea for a set of my own I'll start afterwards.
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