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Dream Land Works
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  • Hey man. Glad to see you're here too. :D
    Dream Land Works
    Dream Land Works
    Haha, yeah, I've been here for a few years, though I was inactive for a while until my girlfriend got me interested in Smash Bros again. xD
    and what shoulder and what art, could twist the sinews of thy heart?

    Its been a while puppz, fz is here to say hai and also give me your skype name so i can add you XD
    And then I realise I never came back to comment on what you told me even though I really thought that I did.

    Id like to congratulate you on finding a suitable school to transfer too and having a plan of study :3
    I wish you success in your path to help people who need the guidance!

    Thank you very much Puppy ♥ Was a great day.
    Sounds lovely and peaceful, my favourite kinds of days.
    What sort of things did you get for presents? And how are things for you in general? School switching, adorable doggie.

    I wish to know all you want to share!
    Hi Puppy!
    Happy 20th dear! How are you planning to celebrate?

    I hope that you have a good day :3
    As for things with me not much is going on but Im pretty happy and I really cant complain.
    Glad to hear that youll see your bro soon, and I hope you had a good time with your trip!
    I have to admit Im not on skype that much lately, but I should be on the weekend.
    Haha skyping with out skype would be a difficult task, I fear :p

    I am glad to hear that your family is well and that you seem to be in good spirits! Do you have any plans for the summer by any chance?
    Hello there puppy! (hug)
    I cannot say I have been up to much, just my usual quiet unchanging life, though I say this with content!
    How are you doing? Its been a while! How is your lovely pooch and family?
    How is school going along for you? ♥
    :huggle: Ah I hope it isn't, Puppy!
    Try to get some meds in quickly! Returning back to school and then becoming ill is horrible.
    I shed a tear at your loss of freedom! I hope you have a good first day back Puppy!
    Ah puppy germs! I am sorry I missed you skype message the other day I must have been afk ;~;
    I had some odd stomach virus yesterday!
    I feel a bit better today though, how is my pup? :huggle:
    Im doing okay, we are expected to get a large storm tonight so Im pretty mad about that.
    My internet is also a bit unstable atm. Otherwise.....NOTHING ;;
    Well I have to warn you that you may get squished hanging there Puppy ;~;
    What are you up to nowadays? Did you have any new years resolutions?
    d(゚ー゚d(゚ー゚d(゚ー゚d(゚ー゚)b゚ー゚)b゚ー゚)b゚ー゚)b Happy new year Puppy!
    :hug: I'm usually on skype, btw, though Ive been busy lately so I'm afk most of the time....
    This is true! I havent even been online late lately! It will happen!
    I'm doing okay, dull Wiscy times! I made enough for the tablet and now I AM DOING THE WAITING GAME!
    Amazing hug go!~

    Spent sometime with my aunt/uncle/cousins this weekend :3 theyre all so awesome. I am pretty sleepy :curls-up:
    Thanks pup pup~ :hug:
    Have a good weekend! have you gotten all your shopping done?

    My days have been filled with turking and job applications. Oh so many job apps ;;
    Starting to be frustrating, and this laptop randomly failing three times as I compose this message...

    I hope you ave been having lovely days, puppy?
    :super hug:

    Sorry I was mostly offline for the weekend! Ill be up to chat sometime soon :3
    Ill try to get into the xat soon! :huggle:
    Because if you over work that brain of yours you wont be able to be the best puppy possible :3

    I was just saying to study in moderation and make sure you eat and sleep well. :hug:

    I hope your study induced headache went away quickly! Don over work that brain now :waves finger:

    Also lol at the wall of puppy Vm's
    I'm doing a lot of reading lately. Which I'm happy about.
    The only thing is with all my pirating I miss having a physical book. Maybe I should save up for an E-reader :3

    Also this icon is super adorable :333
    I am and was doing well Puppeh :3 (hug)
    Just tired as usual!

    How are you? dont let those exams get you down!
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