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  • I just wanted to say good work on the combo video. Tossing in the perfect pivot uptilt to my game has added another fine dimension. I think you and I are at a similar place with Mac, and I'm proud to see another user so adamantly training with him. Pro tip for you as well, Ko punch (has to be frame perfect) on jump-from-ledge turns into an instant standing Ko Punch. Give it a shot and kick some ass!
    My email is Forestdyfong.fod@gmail.com . If you don't know how or can't send replay files through SD card or through email, I'll host your vids nextime i see you on wifi. Are you on the pika xat (messaging chatroom) often?
    Is this Japan from AiB? If it is: hooray for gettin on SWF! I barely go on AiB, lol.

    If it's not: uhhh, hi fellow Pika. :)
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