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  • ummm....not that big with everyone's sleeping stuff etc that'll be in there

    it would still be $10 but idk if you're in the trunk maybe $5 but COME ON
    They're thinking about going to karn's but maybe they'll be in raleigh

    ace will probly be at josh's friday but no one else seems like they're allowed to go or something

    main get together seems to be on saturday
    it's on my old computer which is in a closet, dismembered. and i'm at college anyway.
    haha you were not inconsiderate at all man. I saw you asked around in some of the threads so I figured you were getting help from people who knew more than me. glad to hear it's working though!
    Strange about the black screen... If you try it a few times and get the same result try to download it from somewhere else maybe?

    One of those, if I recall, will only respond to the pushes of a Gamecube controller. If neither GC or Wiimote do anything, then back to the suggestion of trying a different download source.

    If all else fails check the threads I linked, someone may have had this problem before.
    I super highly recommend "Imgburn" for the burning process. Quick, easy, free, pretty much amazing. I use DVD+R for mine btw
    Well now that you have an ISO to work with you can freely use GC Rebuilder or GC Tool to replace textures and songs however you desire.

    to obtain textures go to :
    http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=279755 (always check new posts as people tend to 'announce' textures here)

    to replace textures you have to find the file name the texture was meant for. Say you download yellow fox. Yellow fox is suited to the green fox, so in the filename it will have "PlFxGr" which means (I believe) "Player - Fox - Green". So if you just open up your ISO in GCT or GCR, you look for PlFxGr.dat. Right click it and hit "replace" or "Import" or whatever, and use the Yellow Fox you downloaded to replace it. Save, and you're done. Do this for all the characters you want. As a reminder, don't ever try to replace a file that doesn't belong. As in, don't try to put Yellow Fox over the Blue costume... it'll freeze.
    Every hack I did that wasn't music, was done this way. Hope it helps, gimme more specific questions if needed :D
    like noone which is why idk how i got 7th lol. Karn and KP were my hardest 2, and Karn SDed like 3 times
    First thing you're gonna wanna do is grab an ISO or GCN file of the game. I am unable to link to any due to smashboards rules, but you can google around for torrents and stuff.

    Alternatively you can download SleepyK's prehacked ISO, which is how I got started. You send an Email to : " sreeepyk@gmail.com " (yes, three e's)
    and an auto reply bot will send you a response, with some very useful links for ISO's and stuff.

    Texture replacements for both stages and characters are pretty easy. The only problem is that textures for characters are built for certain costumes. This means the White Power Ranger Captain Falcon can only replace the white outfit, and so on.

    Music hacking is a good bit more complicated but we can deal with that later.

    Check out the main thread : http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=247119
    you're gonna have to download some programs like GC Rebuilder and/or GCTool.

    Also, SleepyK has tutorials on youtube for most everything, though a tad unorganized.

    Feel free to ask me any more questions if you run into any problems, or post in the main hack thread : )
    Well I was hoping it'd be visible in him but maybe not. I'm sure it still helps vs having a losing-only mostly session so I'm sure it helped a little.
    Who did each of you play as?

    and lmao you should just be gay back to him or something. then again when I did that to Twitch I made him really not wanna play me....eh
    Aight man sounds great! I'll be here. =)

    And **** bro little bro training is legit if you can keep him motivated haha.
    I'm on aim right now but slightly busy with arguing if you don't mind small intermissions. =)

    Thanks either way and yeah we should talk soon. <3
    there are some experimental things i want to try for punishing it but


    haven't tested them

    like wd down oos instead of forward so you can put your shield down earlier (if you wd oos towards her after you've been pushed away right away you might wd into one of the last few hits)

    but i don't play peaches at home so i can't test atm :/
    basically, it's easier

    if you're slow and they sidestep it works and does 20 damage 'cuz you hit the 2nd and 3rd hit

    grab is better though
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