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bad habiT
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  • My mission is to raise Toon Link to A-rank in the tiers.
    Simply because in competitive brawl if you're a Legend of Zelda fan the little guy's your best bet. If only because he embodies all the great offensive strategies the Triforce has to offer. This ain't Melee, I wish Sheik is good too but shes not.
    When I play as Toon I don't see the cel-shaded WindWaker Link,
    I see Link from the original LoZ as he was meant to be upon creation.
    Of course i'll be at Herb3. we all should go.
    I tried to write a blog entry about Toonami but as soon as i finished writing it wouldn't submit it?!?!? it's utterly baffling. So i decided to write it here for now.
    For starters, Toonami was a Tsunami of epic action cartoons and anime.
    But like any wave it had its beautiful peak and rolled back.
    Hey man good luck at the school tourney. This game day is going to be small but it's still going to be fun.
    I'm supper searious about starting a movement for bring Toonami back, do you think we could do it?
    don't worrie i'm going to start posting, I have'nt had time because of the Graduation Project though. I've some of your post and found it very insightful espically the MK post, like poetry man good job.
    I think thats an interseting idea, you could play around with Lucas and see were that takes you. The only thing is that there is no other character like Toon Link, he is so versitale. I play with other characters it helps my Lucario.
    Hey habiT I haven't heard from you in awhile. How is Toon Link doing, have you been to school at all in the past month?
    Like I said, don't worry too much about it. Whether or not Michael goes to the tournament is on him. However, I'm going to go and do my best to make a name for myself and Pit. That's all any of us can do.
    You know, Fonzy's refusing to go to the next Smash tournament because Meta Knight is banned. That just goes to show you how much he's come to rely on Meta Knight. It's sad. He should at least go using Pikachu, you know?
    Hey, Pickard. Are you gonna get together with us sometime to Smash it up before the tournament? I feel like Pit could use some training before stretching his wings at another tournament. He could especially use some Toon Link training because since Meta Knight is banned, you and Pfeifle are probably going to fall back on him. So, yeah get back to us sometime. Z-AIR!!!
    yo its a good thing i checked out the next Billfest tourney today cause i just found out MK is banned. he shouldnt be banned and you know it, so take it off your page you *******. although its good ive got a new backup! and wuts up Stock. good game against me and habiT at the last Billfest.
    Don't Know Actually haha, but hey you said maybe this weekend we could get together but it would have to be Sunday afternoon. Where would we play though??
    Hey man, I actually didn't do so well but will do much better this type. Yeah I am a premium member, I can prank you if you want and your name would be pink.
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