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  • you need to get online more...am I riding with you to herb3? and you should go to asheboro in 2 weeks
    you did?
    i havent seen a ski mask

    and yeah how's boone been?
    you should go to ncsu next weekend
    i've really really really been looking for a ride really badly lol >.>

    what was the prize?
    i want people to start using items in tournament
    if i run another tournament it's just gonna be brawl with an items side event cuz items are awesome
    you're pretty **** knowledgeable actually, and tell him to get a smashboards account, it would only help him.

    scrooging is banned or soon will be banned at every legitimate tournament ever because it's the only stalling tactic that's actually definable, besides that, you have the finest line between defense and stalling I've ever seen and there's no real good answer to quantify which is which, and there's nothing any of us can do about it with the ruleset we use now. ban mk or put on items, thats all I can see. Or we can play on bridge of eldin for every match, that might do it too.
    if he can really 2-3 stock cool easily
    i'm interested in playing this guy
    would he be ranked in nc? i'm curious

    and leaving the results of every tournament up to the call of a single person who is inevitably biased, great idea there.
    you can't tell me it won't fix the game
    i hope people listen to me



    i thought devin was really good or something?
    brawl doesn't start until 6? ugudghsughs idk maybe. tell them to get here faster lol. i doubt melee will have enough people that we can put it off until 6. but idk i guess we can be here all night, i could wait for them, its not like there will be an abundance of brawl people that will be upset about it :p
    you should tell all your app buddies to just skip out on that one and come to this
    so they can get practice with some awesome people and its not ******** far away from them
    those level 9s are pretty good
    by the way
    i can't go to duke next weekend, but i think jim still wants to go
    i'm taking the SAT or something dumb like that
    me, you, and dull razor
    i guess we'll just play each other all night
    3 person turnout will ****
    i did alright against diddy at pound...was going even with NL until he barrel spiked me around 60 :(. decisively lost to dekar, he's mad good and knows the rob matchup. i beat az in a money match, though he killed himself in both games I won :/ i was really tired of brawl by that point though, it was the last match I played on monday and I'd been playing melee with nc ppl so I wasn't exactly all there either /johns

    but yeah, good **** with diddy. are you gonna pick him up? diddy is the new snake so that could work for you lolz
    i dont know what you mean by you don't learn anything
    you don't learn my habits or something?
    you can play campy against rob
    just dair a lot and dance around projectiles and chase with grabs
    hey my 10 year old brother lent me 100 bucks for pound 4. so i can eat tomorrow. i <3 him

    jims here so come whenever
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