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  • are u staying with me for mlg? i believe malcolm and ninja link may stay. and mikehaze might be there thurs night only. i would have u kadaj , pp, stingers, rag, seth, and the others i mentioned.

    edit btw, u would have def made it out of pools. i was close as **** and u are like ten times better than me. Kadaj would have made it out of pools, but he didnt know the yoshi mu, and he went D3 against zucco because he had bad tension in his arm and could not move it that much. D3 was a food choice because u dont need to move around as much.
    If passes are still available we will sell them at the door. If you want to purchase a pass before then it should be as easy as using a visa-gift card.
    yea, i think i played the hardest and the gayest lol. i was going to 3 stock him because i got some nice gimps on him. I got impatient and aloud him to come back. he was at like 160 last life, and i was like 120. I got the kill first thankfully. 2nd game was pretty close. i had the lead again, and got impatient :( . 3 match he wrecked me lolololololol. i took him to friget, and after the match, he was like "yea this is my fav stage."
    you are 2-0 with kadaj and you play meta knight lol. i think you could've made it out.

    i am 1-2 with kadaj and i play rob so I might not have gotten out of round 1 XD but it is interesting. i tend to do better under pressure whereas kadaj tends to do worse and that has a lot to do with it. i dont know about you, you did good at herb2 though
    i mean thats not a bad idea solely for practice and all. plus you get to see how you compare. i doubt he thinks he will win any of them (unless he's mming like co18's wario or something silly like that)
    like I said, not a clue >.> and yeah pools get stacked, it happens. craig ***** us all in NC but on the grand scale of things he's not amazing
    he lost to blue rogue (2-1) and dapuffster (who went diddy) and jon numbers (some nj lucario).

    i'm sure kadaj entered but i havent heard anything. idk im sure he did fine
    keith didnt make it out of round 1 pools, he got close though...ilove didnt either...snapp dropped out...no clue on ldpk or arc. and thats all of nc that entered afaik
    Sushi dog, where have you been recently? You should post more often :| Lol. Would you like to chill sometime soon and play some smash?
    hey we should hang out this week if i dont go to waba is that cool with you bro
    yes or no
    Kk. Sorry to ask, but could I be able to use it for when my mom needs to contact me?
    My address is 13305 Mallard Landing Road
    And my house number is 704-971-7880
    My mom's Cell Phone number is 703-869-1732
    yeah man thats fine, kack wants to pick us up around 10:30am

    so how early would you be able to come?
    No problem man, as many times as you've driven me places, it's the least I could do for a bro.
    You should come over today and stay the night, kack is going to come and pick us up around 10:30am tomorrow
    I can give you a ride dude (maybe)

    My mom is taking me now. So I'm pretty sure I can convince her to bring you and Kadaj too! She gets home from work at 2PM today, and I'll confirm it with her.
    Yo Sushi, how are you getting to Karnfest?
    I thought Snap was taking me but there seems to have been a misunderstanding.
    So I was wondering if there was the possibility that you could provide me with a ride.
    of course he's serious lol. and pp says Ive gotten better with ROB, my mk still sucks ****
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