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  • ahh unexpected alright but you might have to wake me up lol. come through the downstairs. and PLEASE bring any extra gc controllers you have because mine are terrible =/

    3515 12th Street Dr NE
    ........................NO ONE TOLD ME D:

    JERKS. I would LOVEE to come. But I'll have to ask my mom. And it's pretty short notice. What day are you going. And what time should I be there?
    ok cool and yeah it was at first but since my college will give me 10,000 towards tuition I had to choose the earlier enrollment date lol
    I got him on the ledge and he basically just jumped into an fsmash I was charging =/

    then losers finals vs shady, i went MK game 1 for some reason just because I wanted to see how I'd do, lost as expected and won the next 3 with rob (beat him on lylat twice, i dont really see how thats a good snake stage other than the c4s being impossible to see but he really liked it)

    then pp in gfs, they were fun...i wanted to prove my rob so i went rob the first 3 games, and to be honest he should've 3-0ed me in those haha, but i got a lucky gimp at like 70% in the 2nd match which is the only reason i took a game with rob...after he won game 3 I just said **** it and went mk for games 4 and 5 and won them both. set 2 he started doing a lot better and we went into game 5 2-2, he cped castle siege and I'm just not very comfortable there with mk and he outplayed me for the win...i shouldve went rob once he picked siege because I'm really good there with rob but I was just not thinking. oh well.
    first ksk put up a good fight, then I 3 stocked' mits mk with rob on his cp :)

    then i had to play kadaj, and um well I won game 1 rob vs. marth on battlefield, then game 2 he went mk on battlefield and I lost (pretty close though), game 3 was an mk ditto and I lost, really close. i was upset but alright.

    losers, 2-0'd keith but the match vs his snake on halberd was close. i went mk on him game 1 (mk ditto) and 2. then i 2 and 3 stocked foxy in mk dittos, then i 2 and 3 stocked fyre's pit, then I had to play kadaj again because he lost to pp...i won the first match mk vs. marth (we did double blind, or I would've went ROB on him again but hey it worked out) on bf again. match 2 was an mk ditto and he 2 stocked me, match 3 was an mk ditto and it was pretty intense...I cped stadium, and when I finally brought him down to 1 stock i was already around 60% on mine. then I just went into total beast mode and comboed him to like 80 without getting touched
    yea i'd be up for it...just remind me or something hint hint

    they weren't real matches lol. his ddd beat my link and my peach beat his snake. stupid things like that
    google "winrar" and download it, then you have to open those files through winrar and extract the .pcs/.pac inside

    it's a type of "container" file, basically
    i mean I'm just good at the MK ditto on BF because I'm good at juggling, thats where I nearly had atomsk (last hit >.<)(he's just a far better player). thats where I took 2 matches off foxy. he 2 stocked me on sv and beat me somewhere in our first game. he just does that annoying fair to dtilt thing over and over again and I get really bored so I run in and get hit. I mean he's smart about it, and he knows alot of the "tricks" I didn't expect him to know as a melee player (that sliding fsmash and invincible ledgedrop nair for edgeguarding and stuff) but he doesn't really know good mixups. his chasing is really good though, he's just really spot on, kind of what you'd expect from a good melee player

    with ROB i just know the MU way better and my ROB is way better then my MK anyway so I could beat him alot easier even though the MU is worse lol. he doesn't mix things up really so it made things easier with ROB since I know what I'm doing with him...though on his CPs he was really coming close to beating me, he seemed to recognize what I was doing and made smart CPs but couldn't really change what he was actually doing in order to capitalize on that, just used the stage to advantage as best as he could while following the same basic strategy as the last match...in short he didn't really know how to fight rob and was just trying to learn me I guess
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