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  • I would like to confirm if I have an active, paid subscription currently on file and if so, I would like to remove my membership. Can you point me in the right direction?
    How do I become a professional smash player and make money playing?
    Practice. Start attending tournaments. Practice. Learn, read, watch guides. Practice. Play people better than you. Practice. Go to more tournaments, bigger tournaments. Practice. Go to Majors and find the best players you can to play - money match them if they won't do a friendly. Practice. Keep doing this until you are satisfied you've tried your best - in the end you'll either be making money as a top player creating content or winning tournaments, or you won't and at least you'll know you did your best!
    I've recently returned to the forums after a long hiatus. I was wanting to update my signature picture. What are the size requirements?
    Just gonna ask you cause it says ur an admin... Is there a way I can change my name? The one I have was just a placeholder cause I thought I'd be able to change it. If you could help, thanks
    Name changes are something reserved for Premium Members.
    Hi. I thought there was an age requirement to make an account so I did over my age for the birth year. Can you change it to 2005? Thanks.
    Hey dude

    Noticed you're the owner and I was wondering if you could delete some of my posts

    They're part of old, dead threads and I have edited them into periods since I can't delete them

    Also, being on topic of post deletion, could the option to delete posts be potentially added?
    tagging @Warchamp7 - basically though the DB prior to 2007 was mostly deleted during the Gideon > MLG ownership switch in 2008. We have recovered the old DB but it's not formatted for Xenforo and there are other headaches as I understand to restoring it. It's been something we've wanted to attack for awhile, though!
    Thanks for the response
    Yo sorry to bother you but like when i made my account a little over a year ago I thought there was a age requirement / was embarrassed of my age and i was wondering if the birth year could be changed to 2000
    Quick suggestion: I think it'd be cool if members (or just premium ones, idk) can select which skin they use for each of their mains. Maybe via a dropdown box?
    Hello, AlphaZealot. I currently bought a premium membership so I could change my name to "REO". But it is telling me that I cannot do that. Is there any reason why I cannot change my name to REO even though there is no user on the boards with this name?

    If there is anything you can do to help, I would greatly appreciate it.
    So I found a way to get the name I want. However, I totally forget to check "keep name change from previous private".

    Is there anyway you can help me with that? I really do want my last user name to be hidden from public view.
    Hi um I didn't put the right birth date when I made an account and I never got the chance to ask you if you can fix it.
    Hey do you do name changes here as the owner? If you do, can you change my name to "Darkuzen the Shadow" without quotes please?
    We only allow access to name changes for Premium members.
    Saiyan Man
    Well if I won't get in trouble, can I make another account then?
    Hi, is there a way to filter only Ohio players?
    You can filter tournaments by regional zone (Midwest) - don't believe we allow user searching by location.
    Thank For Making This Amazing Website! You are Amazing And I'm Glad we have you here! :D
    Hi, I'd like to change my username to Drizzy but it says it's already taken, and yet I can't find any current profile with this username. Is it possible that I can have this username even if the person who previously used this name is banned or something (I think that's what happened). Thanks, I have premium and an available name change.
    Um, I acidentally put in the wrong birthdate when I signed up. I'm actually 13 years old, not 15. Is there anyway I can change this?
    I also wanna change my username. One more question: do you have to be a certain age to be on SmashBoards?
    Good afternoon. I'd like to know if there is some subforum that has a reduced rule enforcement. Something that could compare to fellow Xenforo forum Smogon's "Firebot Development Lab" subforum
    Hey there Alpha, we've barely ever communicated but I'd like to contact SmashCapps and have him put something on the homepage, it may be revolutionary to the smash community. I don't have the option of posting on his profile so I came to you.
    Hey man, can you fix my placing in the results thread for evo? I got 33rd bc amsa lost against hax right after he beated me. Please and thnk you. I dont want my ranking to b affected by this and sorry for bothering !
    I'm posting about my premium membership. I would like to cancel, but I cannot get into my Paypal account to cancel, so I was wondering about cancelling through you. Thanks.
    Hello!! I was wondering. If I buy premium membership, can I add more funds as donations towards the site? If so, where? Once I get my new bank account, I'll see what I can do to help.
    Hi AlphaZealot. I just wanted to post here to help you look for a PM in case it slipped through notifications. It should be from about two weeks ago. The only reason I'm posting here is it's about a topic that is important to a number of people. This is by no means meant to rush you. I'm sure you are very busy and maybe just haven't been able to get to it yet which I totally understand lol. Thanks!
    hi alphazealot is there any possibility to change my username? i have been trying to change it but cant find where. i have my account a while ago and i dont remember why my username is my full name, i need to change that.

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