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  • what's up man... now that you are like 2 blocks away from me man, I'll be down for some training and probably getting back into the smash scene... it wont take me long 2 re-adjust to some minor imperfections... I was one of the decent players (top 10) back in the day, but I retired 3 years ago or whenever brawl came out... but yeah hit me up man
    OH, THATS RIGHT?!?!?!?!
    What do you want for christmas, chris? I should have asked you a while ago.
    Anyways, i'm thinking about some other random stuff.

    Idk, I'm hoping that I can be one of those people who makes you think when you're playing, ya know? There are times you just get *****, and thats all you can think about, and theres times where you **** and thats all you have. You learn nothing.
    My ambition is to be a chameleon who can't be beat, like Tsang Tsu from Mortal Combat. I want to play every character.

    There's a lot of problems here. I can't beat Jason anymore because we have one good controller, and I, being the host, let jason play with it. The controller stick is messed up, so I cant get my directional tech right, which is crucial to playing DK.

    Then here comes cam. . . always wanting to play teams. *Shiver* When we play singles, theres nothing for me to do sides for do random stuff, like upB out of nowhere. It usually throws him off, and since theres a rotation, I always end up with ****ed up controller anyways. My DK does better than my mario in that situation.

    We usually play late into the night, which is bad for my studies and my tech skill. I'm gonna have to get mean and start kicking people out. I've never had to kick people out of my room before. I don't like the way this is going.

    Diff between Cam and PP:
    1. I could beat Cam consistently at one point.
    2. He doesnt give constructive criticism like PP does. . which is expected cause he's not PP, but he could try. . .I always give advice on how to beat me. Problem is, I never really win, so. Guess I'll talk to him about that next time I play
    3. No matter how or what I play, I always have a controller thats ****ed up in some way soooooooo. GG.
    4. Forget Ganon? Until you can soundly beat me 9 times out of 10, I think that won't happen.
    okay, so school is being a **** and giving me loads of major assignments on the same day. One being drama exam, too being going to a museum for a spanish composition and three being whatever the hell my english teacher wants me to do. . . I still don't know what I'm doing in that class.

    Thank you for your kind words. . . its like everything is washed away. . . .

    I tell you, playing smash here is stressful, its like the people here suck the fun out of it. . . .but I can't play by myself. . .and the controllers here suck. . its sooooooo sad.

    Good news, came across some money, I think. . .this is gonna be weird. Anyways, I'll try and make it out to duke today, it might be a problem because I have to go to a museum. . .

    Rivalry? . . . .*smirk* I started to think it was getting onesided. Anyways, you need to beat my ganon. . . .
    won't be able to go to bill fest.
    1. I'm broke and I hate owing people money
    2. I get worse at smash every day
    3. Smash stresses me out now.
    4. I get worse at smash every day
    5. I have no ambition. . . . *sigh*
    6. guess I should go suck face somewhere. . .
    7. anyways, come see me sometime. . . this weekend, or whatever.
    Didn't want to post in that Ganon thread, but you gotta not be emo haha.

    I will help you as best as I can, but I think playing people closer to your own level(above or below) is more helpful. I can definitely help for at least a few sessions, so we'll work on it at Duke/Karn's on Saturday, aight?
    News just in. I can super wave dash!
    Anyways, I started wave dashing forward today. pretty legit.

    I'm trying to get out of having to play certain characters against certain other people. Now I find that I have to play Link or Peach to even have a chance against Cam's falco. Then, its either I win or I get 2 stocked. Stupid mistakes. Stupid mistakes.
    i was playing ganon, against jason *yan*'s fox and I did pretty well, managed to get a ledge canceled gerudo foot spike, which is easier *in my opinion* to get against fox's ^B than the Curb Stomp.
    I noticed that wave landing makes ganon much faster. . . .OMG, it was sexy.

    Expect my mario to waveland.

    Ganon ditto? Just for fun?

    Also, cam, jason, sam and I play team matches a lot. Sam, who cant wave dash during fights, gets really good in team battles. He has this synergy with Cam. . .Idk, its scary.
    But I realize now that the team battles we used to do. . . *frown* We werent as good as we could have been. I want to get my dk game up simply so that I could see a well played Ganon-DK team, at least once. That's my current goal.

    Ya dig?
    This video is like me when I'm angry, which is when I play best. I make a **** ton of mistakes that Cape never makes, I also add in random *** movements that you dont thing off. Like, I'll use his ^B out of sheild or I'll short hop cape when I'm on the other side of the stage. The thing that cam hate about me is that I'll approach, especiall against Falco, and, ^B out of nowhere. Especially if he grabs. I use ^B to reset the stage, as I cant combo out of it unless theres a platform.

    my doc, as an extension, has gotten better as well.

    I hope you enjoy my Mario, when I play you.
    As far as frame data. I've known that for mario for the longest. My unrefined play style is a bit like the guy in this video.


    Also, I really would like to play my DK against your ganon, but I won't until I can beat cam's falco with him. I don't know anything about peach as far as high level tech ****, so. . .I'm maining mario. . .For now.
    I just played a set with Cam. My mario is a beast.

    I'm still having problems being predictable with my DK, but it looks like cam is having a hard time using anyone but falco or jiggs against my Mario.

    When are you playing where I can get to you next?
    hey, chris. Yo, I'm working on my mario, dk and peach. They are my top three. with mewtwo being my 4th.
    Who are your top 4?
    Well we could play at my place or whatever doesn't matter I can pick you up if need be.
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