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Metal Reeper
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  • And FYI, I don't really talk that much when I game at night cause I don't wanna wake my parents up.
    There is In-Shield SDI, yes. I don't think friction really plays a roll in how effective the SDI itself is, moreso affects the initial pushback of the attack, before SDI comes into play.
    Hahaha thanks man. I don't really go on smashboards so people rarely see my posts and for some reason smashboards didn't let me get the name "PewPewU." Where are you from?
    O ok, thanks again master. Also, team tourney this week. I'm excited because I'm recording it, hope you can watch a match or too and critique :)
    O that thing where they are behind makes a lot of sense, thank you I will try that. Also is Usmash OoS shield > tap up + A?
    Nope no sarcasm intended, your advice was good because I didn't know I should use dair more and I am using it more now. I told Hats your advice and I can teach her but she claims she won't have much time to learn adv techniques, but don't worry I can get her to learn it sometime and I will send you some more when I get them up. Off topic: I pulled off a few triple spikes and the dair > shine > up-b ko combo a few times :)
    Thanks dude for not stating the obvious mistakes in my match you critiqued. I like a good critique.
    If Leffen is the Yoshi you want to face, then why don't you just face him then.. He'll be at apex too... Apparently i'm all washed up now (according to words, posts) so i guess it must be true... :)
    I am pretty active about critiquing on the Sheik boards so don't hesitate to post them there. :)
    Honestly, it's usually just a lot of little things that add up. Most commonly they don't know how to combo except for f-tilt / dash attack / throw > fair, they don't know how to tech chase the tech stand (and refuse to practice it, or try various conditioning methods to try and learn it, etc.), they have really limited perception of how to use her moves, and so forth and so on.

    A lot of them are pretty strong in a few situations, or against a few strategies, but as soon as you take them out of their comfort zone they fall apart horrendously.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aztRgrARzY I found a video of the Ledge double laser for falco, where the lasers both are low. Not sure if you meant you can't do it well when you said you couldn't do it or you meant you didn't know how. I'm going to attempt to practice this myself. Also i'm srry if you already thought about this, but i find that both my lasers can be lower easier if i use Y to jump from the ledge instead of X, because that way your thumb can hit b twice faster. After I started doing that my ledge double laser's look a lot more close to the ground then b4.
    Yeah! My brother (who is 13) apparently ran out of the house like he was on fire. lol
    im sorry to bother you Metal Reeper, but you know how to told me what to practice in the fox advice thread? i can practice everything else without asking you for help, but i just cant get the distance i need (wavedash) for thunders combo, im guessing it has to be a perfect wavedash? do you have any suggestions? would be appreciated thanks.
    Lol thanks man. The video it was from was pretty bad, but that one clip gets me everytime hahaha.
    Haha thanks a lot, <3. I can just keep doing my best.. that's all I can do really. =P But ya we will play next time, I feel bad for the people that wanted to play me or MM me but I didn't have time to do it. =(
    two similar words... in both of those, for both of those players.. "almost" ><; haha I'll do my best tho... ^^ I'll do the best I can... I appreciate the support ^^ <3
    lol really!?!?!? i'd get rocked ><; Armada's good... ><; and i'm sure he knows the Yoshi MU.. ><; haha.. nah what am I saying.. i'll work armada.. :p jk...

    thanks ^^ i'll try ^^
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