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  • Get on Aim tonight!
    Im having a marth group chat tonight when I get back from friends party. Ill txt yall round 10-12 tonight. Im expecting ideas mainly marth tips, map control and spawns vs......hmmmm im usually obsessed with peach match up but tonight ill start with spacies. yall have some ideas ready
    So are you guys playing anywhere today? I'm in Westchester Co at my aunt's. Hit me up if you guys are; 817.929.8262
    lmao legit hahah

    I don't really have plans atm, I can't be that loud at my place so I was hoping to go to someone else's to chill.

    I can do whatever though idc.
    Yo, son you free on Wednesday the 24th?

    Its my bday on that day.

    If you're free, and wanna chill and all that extra **** *****, I'd be ****en down
    Read some of your comments in response to DrPP, really smart stuff. I feel like most people don't know about Marth's hitbox to lag ratio because they don't even bother to learn frame data, and probably just assume it's more or less the same for most characters.

    Best of luck in your Marth endeavors, trying pretty hard myself.
    eh it's all good, i figured it'd be more for the sake of us teaming
    What do you say we try it out at the venue and decide then? If you're sure it's cool, but i think we'd **** just by being immaculate.
    just re read your message dude, good stuff again...also, im really into uair, and i believe it has a lot of potential as a move, and i personally resonate with it, but im still workin on its effectiveness haha...oh and i always cc fastfall shine to the ledge, and now that you point it out im lookin at myself like wtf am i doing here...

    i guess its hard for me to remember everything when tourney time comes, but thats usually auto for me so i dont know wtf happened, but ya thanks agian haha
    Thanks dude...the last part about being disciplined in those situations really hit me for some reason haha...good stuff, thanks man
    yo dude, and you beat swift who beat me twice at rom3..damn dude, can u do me a favor? even though i've already watched them so many times, can u watch my vids vs twitch and give some critique?

    fox gives me trouble dude...i think the hardest part about fox for me is his attack speed....i'm never sure when to swing my sword, because he's too fast sometimes to stuff his approach up close, so you gotta keep your range, but if you swing early and he doesn't approach you get punished....i mean ive thought about it a lot but your input would be sick
    I just watched you vs Deathknight at No Johns. SOOOOO glad you beat him :)
    I promised that if I ever lost to that guy I would kill myself lol.
    Niko I won't be able to make no johns so unfortunately I can't follow through that $1 mm :(

    GL on saturday
    Niko if i throw a tourney on the 9th of january in poughkeepsie u think u can make it
    I occasionally visit New York (Chinatown in brooklyn) to see my bros. I'd like to play with you NYU guys next time Im there :)
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