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  • Spamming your combo video in P:M (where it's not P:M), the ruleset thread, etc. I reversed the last one upon finding more reported posts. If you want to advertise your combo video, you got Melee Combo Videos to post it in.
    I actually just watched it like 10 mins ago. Really good stuff man. I saw your Sheik combo that Bair>Dair WHOO!
    Hey bro, is it okay if I send you the files for Legacy 3? I got some pretty good combos that you can choose from :D
    Sup man? I think I may have said something to you a few months ago about me working in ocean city (md) and wondering who was closeby to play, I cant remember haha. Anyway, I'm back again and working in bethany beach every day. Just wondering if there is a chance we could melee sometime (early evening).
    That Legacy video is great. I've learned some stuff watching, haha.
    Are you at Apex? I think I heard your name!

    Call me. I REALLY want to play you.

    (703) 963-2739
    hey when i'm playing friendilies with my brother we HAVE to put the 8 minute clock up because i've come pretty d*** close to timing out matches like my falcon vs his marth on FD lasted over 7 minutes, i've made pichu dittos on PS last over 6 minutes(WTF). I don't really want to take unneeded risk and as non pichu charcters I lack the mindgames I have as pichu so they tend to be long.

    however I rarly chain throw, never wobble, and if they SD 80% of the time i'll be cool and SD also even if he doesn't for me and just laughs at my SD, i'm gay with honnor. also I want to run down the clock vs kirby and puff and be to gay as pichu.
    You ever go to Graphix Gaming tournaments? It's only 99.6 miles from your location. There's one for Melee tomorrow. It's like a 1 hour 40 minute drive.
    Are you seriously that much of a fan of my video? I appreciate the fandom, but you reference it too much. The combo video was entirely an accident.
    FD is the best for everything, teams included :). Poke floats in teams is just insanely fun.

    I'm running out of questions to ask you lol, you got any for me? If not, then it was good talking to you :)
    Interesting. Right now Kirby Mew2 is a pretty **** team, there's a beast kirby player in MN named RRR (triple r), and our team is pretty legit lol ;). I just use mew2 in teams, he's all i got. Mew2 isn't **** in teams, you have a killing projectile (charge b) good grab game to assist KO with fox or another character that has a good smash, you can save people with shadowclaw (its hard but looks amazing when you pull it off), and his excellent recovery allows him to tank on larger stages.

    The person I'd like to team with most would probably be Taj or mango lol. IF I'd team with taj it'd be double mew2 ****, and if i teamed with mango i could wake up jiggz after rest with down tilt. It's the perfect jiggzwakeup because it gets out of sleep, and it sends him right into the air where jiggz wants to be, so he doesn't even have to jump up, he's already there and able to start ****** again.

    Favorite stage on teams?
    Hmmm.....Interesting, character dependent. Due to the fact that I only use mew2 (lol) FD is my best stage. I'm trying to get good at Mute City so I can CP that as well as all the neutrals. My least favorite stage by far is YS. I hate that ****ing stage with a passion lol, mew2 dies at like 30%, it's unfair :(.

    Favorite character to team with?
    O_o Wow you're gonna be busy come tournament day :p. If I could just hang out with Taj, I'd be happy :). Mango, m2k, SS, Waffles, and zhu would be cool too though.

    Favorite/Least favorite stage? Favorite CP??
    I take nobody lightly. Underestimating your opponent is a sure-fire way to lose the match. Yeah Lolmaster is good, I saw a few of his vids, thought he was good. Who do you most want to play at ROM2/pound4?
    Lol I understand dude. I played one of the best smashers in MN saturday. His name is Fluxwolf, a fox user, and I was able to take him down to 1 stock in two different matches :D. I was happy about that, but unhappy that I just couldn't finish it out. Nerves got to me in end, my nerves were feeling fried even for like 10 min afterwards lol. You ever played a top player? How'd it go?
    Yeah sorta like me, no recording equipment, so unless somebody else has it I doubt ur gonna see anything lol.

    Well, I'm lookin forward to ROM2 vidz :D
    itll be cool to meet you too!'

    i doubt phil is going

    and im a maybe, but we'll see

    and my doc is nothing impressive trust me

    its just cuz no one uses doc lol
    Yeah, I think pikachu, mewtwo, DK, link, zelda, luigi, all have some untapped potential for success in tournaments. Lol yeah the higher tier always has a much better shot because its hard for the low tier user to be perfect. I don't blame you for selling out...it's ok ;) lol.

    D: oh no I think I'm gettin scared. I'm shakin in my shoes!......and then I remember, your friend probably just sucks :ohwell:. lol jkjk jk jk I'm sure your friend is really good. Do you have any recent vids of yourself I could watch? To know how badly I'd do against you lol?
    Yeah germ ****ed people up, he makes me think that link isn't as bad as everyone says he is....

    What low tier do u think has the best shot at rising up/doing well in tournaments?
    Lol if I got to Taj's level, I'd be happy. But of course, the dream (delusion lol) is that I want to go beyond Taj. How the **** I'm going to do that I have no idea lol.

    Yeah dude germ is ****ing sick, he destroyed at genesis crews.
    Lol I understand. I actually know perfectly well the near hopelessness of maining mewtwo, but I don't care, because he's the character I actually like, so I'm gonna use him and make him good, or atleast able to hold his own.
    Dude you should totally take up link, it'd be perfect with your spamarrows gamertag. The thing is, you'd actually have to use arrows lol XD. Are links arrows any good in melee? Either way, you should still do it, it'd be fitting :D
    Using Mewtwo is challenging, but when you do play smart, focus, perform spot-on tech skill, and things work out for you, it's so dam worth it. When the odds are stacked against you, and you 2-3 stock them, or pull out a close victory, it's unbelievably satisfying. It's a powerful feeling. I'd recommend taking up a low tier with potential, it's like a personal project that you take on, a goal: I'm going to be good, no, GREAT with this character. Dam the naysayers, I'm gonna make it happen.
    Lol that's what I was doing. Interesting enough is when I wasn't thinking, I got beat, but when I started playing smart, it was pretty easy going . It was interesting how that went, that I was the biggest deciding factor on how I did. But of course, that's how it is with mew2

    Sry if this message is late as hell, I posted it on my profile instead of yours by mistake :(
    Lol funny you say that, there's this really good kirby user here in MN, triple r (RRR), he's really good. It's wierd. When I play him I just don't know what to do lol, what do you do against a good kirby?! Its wierd. Kirby isn't that good but you can do some interesting stuff with him.
    ah yes, the little michael jackson puffball moonwalk. very cute XP
    It's sooooo ****. It makes me want to play in only japanese mode. What's your favorite taunt lol?
    Dude in japanese, Mew2's winning taunt is soooooooo ****ing badass. Youve gotta see it sometime man, YT it or something omg its cumworthy XD
    Dude yesterday I was ******. It felt sooooo good. The best part was when my opponents said:
    1. (I got a bair chain edgeguard on a CF) "****ing mew2, gay".
    2. (after I got a spike KO on a CF trying to recover, winning the match, during mew2's celebration screen) "god he (mewtwo) is so badass". :D :D :D

    I was so happy :D
    Nice. Same here man, it's good to be beyond crap level isn't it :D you feel good about yourself
    Falcon vid: not bad, lol at the peach not knowing how to edgeguard ****. You missed a few knees, L-cancels, etc. But that is to be expected at scrub level.
    Falco vid: dude that was nice. Didn't look spectacular, but at scrub level that's some good ****.

    Dude I don't know what you're embarrassed about, your scrub level is way better then my scrub level lol. Back when I was scrub level it was sad. Very sad :( lol

    Yeah the jv was nice :p. lol I'm thinking "so is he gonna wavedash, oh, no i guess he's rolling now XD".

    Interesting, being flexible is good. I will ALWAYS ban yoshis. ALWAYS. I hate that stage lol. My CPs are usually mute city, FD, and dreamland.
    Lol I understand. I wouldn't want you seeing early vids of me either. I remember when I couldn't even wavedash XD. Not good, not good at all lol.

    what's your favorite counterpick with fox?
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