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  • lol that's such garbage. I hate it when they do that sort of thing because they need to fill their quota or whatever...
    I've been pretty good haha :p

    Nothing really going on. Just chilling and hanging out. How have you been?
    lol <3 back at you.

    viability seems to mean something different to me vman and taj, thats all.

    seems like you and kk hit it off lol
    Yeah i def am don't worry bout that lol, uploading the vids has just been a bit more of a pain than i'd of liked cos getting the file sizes down to an acceptable level has been hard. Some vids of me are already up but i'd rather post them all in one go.
    Also, there's an international tournament im going to in two weeks where i'll be leading the UK crew out so should get more matches of me then against really good opposition hopefully :)
    You know, mainin mewtwo lol. I actually use marth fox and mewtwo . I dropped the rest of my characters, falco falcon pika sheik.

    hoping to get out and go to some tourneys and get known better. You kno lol
    YEa I saw ur post. You dont have to play casually tho. You can play competitively with m2. Seriously, one day you will understand. M2 is bad but you can still put of a good fight once you know how.
    haha, well I dont have any vids up either. not in the thread. Ill start posting some soon
    *coughs* TeeEyeEye.

    That's one of the reasons I severely dislike my first "Trailer" 'cause it's all Roman.

    At least the second one is all different opponents lol
    EHHH... SC3 has too much Eye before he started getting legit (Which is something he's doing very quickly.)

    Also what's up with the deleted message? lul
    You need a USB port with this camera but nothing else (It comes with the software for uploading ect.)

    I had noticed that in SC1 as well, but all anyone says is "Epic M2" when it whould be more epic if Forward wasn't the only non-******** oppoent in the entire video lul.

    SC2 is Epic.
    There are people who are just too fussy about videos. I'm making this for entertainment purposes and for my own satisfaction.

    the last time I checked combos happen when the opponent 1: fails to DI, 2: DI's improperly or 3: misses a tech... tell me this isn't true lol....

    Check the Galaxyblast thread. You can get a decent camera for $20-30 dollars at Big Lots. that's what I've done.
    MEH, I'm already editing. maybe I'll release it and keep it private 'cause I've got people looking forwards to it that aren't smashboards regulars.

    If kept private then you'll get to see it because we're friends on the tube. viewable to only 25 people lol.

    Don't be surprised if you are surprised though. :chuckle:
    LOL I was just thinking the same thing. Nah man I don't got much more to say about it. See you at Pound 4 I guess.
    Favorite Team character is either Falcon or Sheik. I rarely use Marth or Fox in teams simply because those characters are to rageful for me to control sometimes lol. Like...I tend to not think about my partner as much using them so It comes back to hurt the team.

    Who would you like to team with the most?

    For me it would be Teh_Spammer. I think Spam teamed with Spam would be EPIC.
    My Favorite stage depends on who I'm using. If I'm using Fox it's Dreamland. If I'm Falco it's P. Stadium. If I'm using Marth it's FD and If I'm CF/Gannon I like YS. That's just personal preference. I do not mind Battlefield either and I like all the Neutrals I play but....my least favorite is Fountain of Screams.....I hate the way the platforms move up and down. It always Distracts me or Screws me over at some point...... As far as CP's go I actually hate them all. Even Corneria because I have bad luck. So I always get shot by the plane....ALWAYS! I am all for turning CP's completely off with just DK64 and Neuts. If I had to pick a Favorite CP it's Brimstar....If I do play someone who does CP I'll probably not go Fox. I'll go Marth/Falcon/Peach....depends.
    Mango, PC, M2K, SS, Jman, Shiz, Col, Waffles, DJN, Kage, Axe, Hax, Scar, Zhu, Armada, Lambchops, Luingini, Chu, Tope, Reno, Forward, and Darkrain.

    I got about 50 more but I didn't want to type them all. If it was up to me I'd play everyone at the tourney in at least 1 match.
    Only good smasher I played was LOLMaster. It didn't go so well. He sandbags in alot of his youtube matches so...don't think that's his true lvl of play because people pay his ways into tourneys and such so he just sandbags and has fun. Wouldn't take him lightly if you guys played.
    yea. Well just keep in mind that I'll be playing Most of the best players in the world. So...if I get ****ed up it doesnt mean I suck it just means They're great. I'll try my hardest to win at least 1 match even if it's a friendlies and get it recorded.
    sorry I don't. I don't even have any recording equipment or even a camera anymore. So...If I get Recorded at Rom2 that's all you'll see LOL.
    Pikachu is my choice. Followed by Link and Mewtwo. I think the person playing with them has to be Perfect in every aspect of the character and the stages. They also have to have extreme mind games and thinking capabilities. Only then do you have somewhat of a shot. The thing I always say is that When Someone with a higher character is Perfect in every aspect and they have extreme thinking capabilities as well...Then the Match kinda goes back to square 1. Although It'll be closer the better character with better advantages will still have a clear lead....It's gay...it's why I sold out.

    Also I tested my link today on a friend of mine and I ***** him 6 games straight.
    Yeah Germ Destroyed the opposition. And he fought both High and Top tier characters and fought on equal terms.
    Good luck with that. I just don't think it'll ever happen. I mean the Tier list may not be sport on IMO However some characters simply have less room for error. Mewtwo being 1 of them. I did have that mentality for awhile though. It's why I stuck with Mario for a long time and Deny'd any top tier play. I didn't touch Marth, Fox, Falco..I actually played Shiek Sometimes but just for kicks. Truth is The Best Fox or the Best Marth can probably beat the best Mario easily. No Matter how you spin it that's the truth of the Matter. I mean Taj is the Best Mewtwo but he Main's Marth for a Reason;). Still I considered taking up Link. With my Name being Spam_arrows and all I think it would be an interesting project.
    ROFL!!! It's all good. You right though. You can't be a fool and play someone like that. You can try but it wouldn't be good for you....that's why I don't play Mewtwo ;P
    Lucky Me I've played them. do not go Fox/Falco/Falcon. Unless you are at least an 8.0 or higher or a good Kirby will **** your world up. I go Marth and out space them and just smash them to death usually. They can duck under your moves if you get Gannon so I wouldn't do that either. Marth/Sheik are the easiest for me against a good Kirby. Now using Mewtwo?....I have No Idea. If I was to play that Match I'd use Tilts and Shadow balls like my life depended on it lol.
    Thanks. That's not even close to how I play now though. I've graduated from Scrub to Mediocre recently;).
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