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  • Whats your current uni situation? Still looking at Southampton? I've firmed Southampton and insurance Loughborough
    What's your opinion of teching in a 1-1 honchkrow line and some extra bebe's into a dialgachomp to help stand a chance against Machamp, and to give an extra bonus against Vilegar?
    I just started a few days ago lol. I was building a DialgaChomp deck and trying to find matchup info on it, and I found an article you wrote xD
    Got any time to answer tons of questions sometime?
    Awesome, I don't think I'm going London so I'll sort something out to fetch them on the 18th, and yeah that is my hat , left it in January forgot to ask if you had it haha
    Yeah I'll almost certainly not want housing before, maybe the night after I'm not sure but I'll text Sean today and see what his plans are. How early is early on Sunday?
    Yeah, If I head over to your place at 1:30 would that be ok with you?
    I have class until 1:30 on mondays, but after that I'm usually free. I'm also most weekends, but usually only during the day. Would you want to play this monday post 1:30?
    hey, that sounds good. I don't have a travel card yet, but I'll probably look into it. Are there any days in particular that you'd like to play?
    I think there's a bed but no sheets so you probably want a sleeping bag, maybe that white controller you are going to dismantle + triwing if you're still doing that. Sean said he was interested but he'll only be there on the Friday. You probably also want to eat before you get here on thurs, I will give you breakfast/lunch and maybe dinner on Fri
    Yeah, You can come Thursday 8 ish, definitely not before 7:30 though, then stay that night and leave at 7:00 on Friday. You'll need to bring a sleeping bag. Spoke to my dad and this is confirmed now =] Sean might be there, depends how lenient my dad is and if he's free but you can def come
    I'm free on this Fri, but only till like 7pm, or if we don't go to yours on the 11th/12th then I'm free then, I can probably house you too (in a bed!) on the Saturday night. that's it up to the monthly, things are a bit panicked with going back to school in a week. I'll have to check all of this but I'm pretty sure Its good

    Actually If you do want to come this fri, you could come Thursday evening get some smash in before sleep and play the whole of friday, or we could just play smash all night I don't mind
    It just occurred to me school will have started again for me by then which sucks =[ before then would you be able to trek back down here though? I'll see about hosting maybe, if not one of the other satirist might be able to

    EDIT: actually I might be able to make it up the weekend 11th/12th
    Haha I did really bad at that tournament. But yea, tournaments have started up. Only in Kansai though. I hung out with frugs all day haha. Yeah I guess I ***** him, first 2 games I played him in I 4-stocked him XD He's not bad though.

    They will probably still be running next year, in Osaka.
    Yeah, I'm definately going to SNY. So I'll see you there.

    I'll hit you up in a couple of days for a battle on shoddy. I'll have to test a team first.
    Hey Tamoo, since getting a new PC I haven't been on shoddy for a while but I'd definately be up for having a game sometime. I'll send you a pm with a day and time I'm free (after I've found a shoddy for mac client...)
    Hey dude in those videos that you posted to the vid thread, the last video in that 2 set teams match against fuzzy and professor is missing, this is the video title: "Tamoo and Vanity Angel vs Fuzzyness and Professor Pro 2.3", but there's no link underneath the title. Could you post the link please?
    Ah, excellent. Upload the ones you have on your own good time, and good luck at your upcoming tournament!
    Just curious, you gonna post any of those vids you got at that last tourny you went to?
    - Yeah he's buggering off to south North America somewhere for a year of Uni. He says he's pretty near the bible belt. Which, if you know Charlie, is going to be hillareous.

    It's just a shame his term starts so bloody soon.
    Don't really have contact with gm jack besides smashboards, which he comes on often-ish I think, I asked him when he was free the other day and he said most days if he has enough warning so he might want to/be able to come
    I can only really do one day, so Saturday 3rd is cool, I'm pretty sure Crab is free too, poss GM jack? depends on how many you can host for
    I was more thinking perhaps maybe you could host on the 3rd/4th?

    I will then do a big fest after GT3 with everyone - hence why I wanna know if you plan on going away.

    In response to the PM, I'll do it if Crab is up for it
    Hey, are you free on 3rd/4th for smash? also I'm hosting a fairly big smashfest (5/6 people) sometime between GT3 and SNY, so when are you free / are you going off to uni or anything?
    Yeah go for it - if you can team with a fox player that'd be ideal obv, practice the combo for when we're teaming at GT3 etc
    Hey Man, no unfortunately it's slap bang in the middle of my exams so I can't make it - I'll be at all the summer tournies though :)
    do you know anyone that needs a doubles partner for melee/brawl at smashgt2? I do :)
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