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  • I'm pretty sure you can. I'm not sure if it's even up yet.
    I'll probably be getting it soon from the AWYP prize, but I don't know when that'll be judged and stuff.
    Oh dear lord what have I created

    wait, what about the dime thing lmao?
    Wait actually can I keep that for once I get premie? I love dimes.
    Totally bro
    I'll probably be there saturday in the morning, don't know about sunday.
    As of now my Computer is down for the count. so Im being forced to break but collect as many clips as you can. I can always use them.
    hello hello
    What's up Brennan

    Played Brawl again.
    oh how awful. I may just have nightmares about it. That's why I'm up late.
    I might try project M on it though
    this could work
    I lol'd at you not having dieslow on your fb
    I'll be on tomorrow, I'm about to crash anyways
    I loled
    Well I don't use facebook, so I don't know if I'll be able to access them or not.
    Sure if you could find pics that would be cool, assuming they worked well.
    If not I'll just do it myself at the tourney anyways
    I need pictures of the players first as reference. I'm planning on taking them at hustle.
    I have msn brooooooo
    Not right now though i'm on my phone lol
    Pm me your email fool
    mine's shinatuah@hotmail.com
    It's funny my best connections on wifi are with someone from the far south eastern part of Australia and someone from the UK. All the rest of my connections are red lol. xD I don't wifi anymore though.
    Apparently Arizona used to be considered really bad for Brawl because no one from there ever traveled, but lately they've been starting to receive more recognition.
    Yeah i can understand lol. My boyfriend plays Brawl and i don't know what we would ever do or talk about if he didn't lol. The only reason we can even see each other is because of Smash because he lives pretty far away.
    You have AIM/MSN/Yahoo Messenger/Google Buzz/Skype? (lol so many messengers xD)
    Sorry for the double-post again lol but are you from BC or Washington? Cuz your SWF says one thing and AiB says another lol.
    Cool, my name on AiB is Artemis.
    I'm from new hampshire, in the far north eastern part of the US. I'm ranked in the top 5 Brawl players in the state out of 5. xD Luckily in the summer i plan on moving to Arizona, which is much better for Smash. Hopefully i'll then be able to go back to Melee, should be able to learn a lot since that's where Axe lives. Is Smash big there at all?
    Lol same. xD It feels kinda weird when i'm at a national or regional or something, and there's only one or two other girls there lol. Doesn't help being 15 either. xD
    I got to borrow one of the Fire Emblem games from a friend once, Shadow Dragon, i think it was? It was for the DS, i remember that much. It was a great game, definitely one of my top DS games. I've also been thinking of getting one of the Metroid games, since it's like all of my friends favorite game franchise lol.
    I don't really remember my reasons for choosing my mains too well, but i originally mained just Kirby in Melee when it came out. When i unlocked Pichu i mained him equally to Kirby, i don't remember what it was that i liked so much about him though. I later dropped Kirby and just mained Pichu because i think he's underrated. I main Pikachu in Brawl cuz i fnd him very easy anf fun to play as lol.
    Do you have an AiB account, btw?
    [color=#ffoooo]Sorry for the double-post again but also what were your reasons for choosing your mains?[/color]
    Holy crap, nice Sheik! How often do you go to tournaments?
    I forgot to mention, i replied to your question in the unban ICG group. Please tell everyone you can about that group. And sorry for the double-post, the edit post button isn't working for me atm.
    I used to sort of play Melee competitively, but i gave up because of a lack of players in my area, since the closest is over two hours away and i lack transportation. Brawl i play competitively and Smash64 i tried to get working on my computer but had a lot of trouble getting it working and gave up. So just Brawl i guess. Do you main Marth in both Melee and Brawl?
    Nice profile pic, i remember seeing that a while ago and had been planning on using some part of it for a signature or avatar or i don't remember what but i couldn't find it again. Oh well. Do you just play Melee or 64 and Brawl too?
    Well... either way, is Eevee's STAB in general better than Flareon's? Or are all the evolved form's STAB's better than Eevee's?
    Wow... that kinda sucks... lol

    Is Eevee's special attack STAB better than Flareon's? If so, couldn't you simply level up Eevee for a long time, then evolve it in to Flareon later (like at an excessively high level), and then use TM's to re-learn the attacks it didn't learn?
    Is Eevee really better than Flareon? Or do you just not like Flareon?

    It would be kinda funny if an earlier stage pokemon was better than a later stage pokemon.

    Then again, we all know Mudkip is the best pokemon of it's evolution chain...
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